[2020 Fem’Energia Award] Gaëlle, Head of Analysis, Radioactive Material Transport and Nuclear Waste Management at the SBNI

08 December 2020 Human ressources Corporate social responsibility Story

Mother-of-two Gaëlle, 39, has headed up the Analysis, Radioactive Material Transport and Nuclear Waste Management department (ATD) at the SBNI since the end of 2018. It is in the ATD laboratory that analyses are carried out on effluents from the vessels’ nuclear reactors. Chemical composition, radioactivity: everything is screened to ensure that naval personnel can operate their reactors without danger. The laboratory technicians (including Meiggie and Estelle) also perform analyses for SBNI maintenance purposes. Radioactive waste is sorted, packaged and then transported to reprocessing companies, following a very specific procedure. An Environmental Engineer by training, Gaëlle began her career in 2007 in quality control. In 2010, she joined Naval Group’s Supply Chain, holding several positions, including monitoring the supply of spare parts for the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

Meeting a succession of challenges

At the end of 2015, with preparations under way for the mid-life refit of the Charles de Gaulle, Gaëlle took up the position of Nuclear Equipment Flow Manager at the yard: her biggest professional challenge. A huge task, with equally huge implications, and one that lasted 18 months. Afterwards, the SBNI director offered her the opportunity to take charge of the ATD department. A new challenge: “Radiochemistry, managing a team... it was all new to me! But I'm curious and I love challenges!” Gaëlle plans operations, manages her team and also handles relations with the government customer, the Fleet Support Service. The stakes involved in nuclear waste management are very high. “I’m passionate about my work”, she adds.