Naval Group at Lorient


The company governance designates the system comprising all the rules, behaviours and institutions that determine how the company is managed, administered and controlled.

Naval Group governance is organised around an Executive Committee of 13 members. Chaired by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Committee defines the Group’s objectives and takes decisions on all topics that have a major impact on the strategy, the functioning and the commercial and operational activities of the Group.

The Board of Directors decides on all the major strategic, economic, financial and technological policies concerning the company's activity. It protects the interests of the company’s principal stakeholders: the shareholders, employees and customers.
It has eighteen members. One-third of the Board of Directors members are employee representatives elected by employees.
Six directors are appointed by the General Meeting of the shareholders and six others are appointed by decree to represent the French State.

Executive Committee

  • Pierre Éric Pommellet

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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  • Frank Le Rebeller

    Senior Executive Vice President Finance

  • Marie-Laure Bourgeois

    Executive Vice President, Development - from 1 December 2022

    Marie-Laure Bourgeois
  • Géraldine Le Maire

    General Secretary

  • Vincent Martinot-Lagarde

    Services Director

  • Olivier de la Bourdonnaye

    Programs Director

  • Laurent Espinasse

    Industry Director

  • Caroline Chanavas

    Human Resources Director

  • Guillaume Rochard

    Executive VP Strategy, Partnerships & Institutional Affairs

  • Éric Papin

    Chief Technical & Innovation Officer

  • David Quancard

    Executive Vice President, Operations and Performance

  • Lilian Braylé

    Executive Vice President, Australian Future Submarine

  • Jean-Yves Battesti

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer's special adviser

  • Claire Allanche

    Senior Vice President, Communications

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Pierre Éric Pommellet.
  • Representative of the French State at the Board of Directors: Vincent Le Biez.
  • Directors appointed at the shareholders’ general meeting: Pierre Éric Pommellet, Patrice Caine, Nathalie Ravilly, Pascal Bouchiat, Bernard Rétat, Jacques Hardelay, Valérie Champagne, François Geleznikoff, Guenaelle Penin de la Raudiere, Geneviève Mouillerat, Eveline Spina.
  • Directors elected as employee representatives: Laurent Chagnas, Didier Chavrier, Tony Lecorps, Olivier Ménard, Béatrice Unia and Yvon Velly.
  • Censor: Paul Teboul.

Naval Goup SA

Naval Group is a French-law Public Limited Company which, on 31 December 2021, was owned for 62.25% by the French State, 35% by Thales, 1.58% by the Group’s employees and former employees through the company employee mutual fund and 1.17% self-managed.



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