[2020 Fem’Energia Award] Meiggie, Chemist

04 December 2020 Human ressources Corporate social responsibility Story

Meiggie, 34, is a chemist in the Analysis, Radioactive Materials Transport and Nuclear Waste Management department of the SBNI. She collects and analyses effluent samples at the department as part of its maintenance work, and runs analyses on samples sent in by the navy chemists in the crew for in-service nuclear plant maintenance. “These are often requests for same-day analysis. There’s no routine, and no time to get bored!” Meiggie has been working in the “hot zone” since 2014 and is also trained in radiochemistry. “After seven years in the pharmaceutical industry, it was quite a journey of discovery.” After obtaining her BTS technical diploma in 2007, Meiggie worked as a chemist on interim contracts at several large laboratories, first in her home town of Châteauroux, then from 2008 to 2011 in Lyon, before moving south to the Var.

“Chemistry – a world of its own”

“The lab is a small world of its own. I like to get out and discover other activities in the field”. Supported in this by her manager Gaëlle, Meiggie participates in nuclear waste transport operations and acts as readings controller during fuel element handling operations in the SBNI pool. She is also the specialist for maintenance and reliability best practice in her sector: she has been trained to detect situations that generate human error and to roll out practices for minimising risks, for example during maintenance operations. “I like to get out in the field, I like to learn!” she says. The mother of a 4-year-old daughter, Meiggie is also a fan of motorbike circuit racing and is active in the Var Fire Brigade History and Heritage association.