Open innovation

In France, Naval Group has long established ties with partners that contribute to its open innovation policy. Internationally, its collaborative research strategy aims to deploy a similar ecosystem in each country with which industrial cooperation is engaged.

Opening up, identifying talented partnerships, inventing new ways of working together, in France and around the world, to accelerate the implementation of new on-board technologies and draw inspiration from civil industry: these are the dynamics of open and collaborative innovation to which Naval Group devotes part of its efforts, associated with research further upstream, conducted in its own right, in particular for questions of intellectual property and sovereignty.

Our centres of excellence

  • Internal innovation programs

  • Committed external ecosystem

Naval Innovation Days

An annual or biennial event dedicated to co-creation around naval defence innovation and synergies in the field of R&D, this is what the group offers through the Naval Innovation Days (NID). Naval Group and its partners present their latest breakthrough innovations.

The Innovation Acceleration department: a catalyst for innovation breaks 

The Innovation Acceleration department’s aim is to initiate and support innovation projects at Naval Group, whether in terms of human resources, processes, methods and products. Its activities range from research in breakthrough technologies to building communities of innovators and intrapreneurs, as well as co-innovation federating key players (academic, start-ups, incubators) from all horizons in France and abroad. A department that drives Naval Group into the technologies of the future, contributes to the group's open and collaborative strategy and encourages the diversity and complementarity of profiles, moving away from a strictly technically-centred framework.