[2020 Fem’Energia Award] Estelle, Chemist

07 December 2020 Human ressources Corporate social responsibility Story

At 23, Estelle is the youngest member of the team. Like Meiggie, Estelle is a chemist in the Analysis, Radioactive Materials Transport and Nuclear Waste Management department of the SBNI. Estelle joined Naval Group a little over a year ago, after working for 6 months at the SBNI as a service provider with Onet Technologies: “I was taking samples on the premises to check that there was no contamination”, she explains. “I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time; the chemist position had become vacant, so I applied.” Nuclear power is not a new field for Estelle, despite her young age! Having grown up in Toulon, she chose to work in this sector, which provides many jobs in the local area.

From the CEA to the SBNI

After a BTS technical diploma in chemistry at Saint-Maximin, Estelle decided to do a vocational degree in nuclear technology and radiation protection at Strasbourg. She graduated in 2017 and set off for an internship at the CEA in Marcoule, after which she was taken on at the CEA in Grenoble in the Radiation Protection Department, before coming back down to Toulon to join the SBNI teams. She cites rigour and meticulousness as the required qualities for her “mystery job”, as she calls it. “When I discovered the naval base and the SBNI, I was struck by its unique environment: a universe and an atmosphere you don't find anywhere else. I liked it straight away!” In the lab, Estelle began to practice radiochemistry without the need for supervision. Her next challenge: the Full Cycle Docking work on La Perle. With her father, Estelle shares a passion for on-road rally racing. Motor sports: another thing she has in common with her laboratory teammate Meiggie !