Whistleblowing system

Naval Group provides its employees and stakeholders with a whistleblowing system.

How to make a report?

Employees and third parties can submit a report via Speakupaccessible 24/7.

Who can make a report?

Any Naval Group employees, including temporary workers, interns, apprentices or third parties.

When a report should be issued?

Naval Group encourages any person who is a victim, witness or is aware of a situation or behavior that is contrary to the company's rules or any applicable legislation or regulations, to share their doubts and concerns by reporting them.

Excluded from the scope of application are items covered by national defense secrecy, medical secrecy, the secrecy of judicial deliberations, the secrecy of investigations, the secrecy of judicial investigations or the professional secrecy of lawyers

What are the guarantees of the author of a report?

The use of the system ensures a confidential treatment of the report and the protection of its author. Naval Group undertakes to ensure that the author of a report who acts in good faith will not be subject to reprisals, even if the facts covered by the report subsequently prove to be inaccurate or do not give rise to any follow-up.