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Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility for the naval-group.com website

Naval Group undertakes to make its website accessible as per Article 47 of French Act n° 2005-102 dated 11 February 2005.

Conformance status

Naval Group undertakes to make its website accessible as per Article 47 of French Act n° 2005-102 dated 11 February 2005. 

The website https://www.naval-group.com/fr/ is in partial conformance with the French government’s accessibility guidelines, known as the French General Accessibility Framework for Administrations (RGAA). The non-conformities and exemptions are listed below.

Test results

The conformity audit performed by the firm Temesis reveals that:

  • 50.84% of the RGAA criteria are met;

This percentage corresponds to:

  • 30 conforming criteria;
  • 29 non-conforming criteria;
  • 47 non-applicable criteria.

Inaccessible content


  • 1.2 Is every decorative image correctly skipped by the assistive technologies?
  • 1.6 Does every informative image have a detailed description, where necessary?
  • 2.2 For every frame that has a frame title, is the title relevant?
  • 3.1 In every web page, the information must not be conveyed solely by colour. Is this rule followed?
  • 3.2 In every web page, is there sufficient contrast between the text colour and the background colour (excluding special cases)?
  • 4.1 Do all of the time-based media have, where necessary, a textual transcript or audio description (excluding special cases)?
  • 6.1 Is every link explicit (excluding special cases)?
  • 7.1 Is every script compatible, where necessary, with the assistive technologies?
  • 7.2 For every script that has an alternative, is the alternative relevant?
  • 7.3 Can every script be controlled by the keyboard and by any pointing device (excluding special cases)?
  • 7.5 In every web page, are the status messages correctly rendered by the assistive technologies?
  • 8.2 For every web page, is the generated source code valid for the specified document type (excluding special cases)?
  • 8.6 For every web page with a page title, is the title relevant?
  • 8.7 In every web page, is every language change indicated in the source code (excluding special cases)?
  • 8.9 In every web page, the tags must not be used solely for presentational purposes. Is this rule followed?
  • 9.1 In every web page, is the information structured by the appropriate use of titles?
  • 9.3 In every web page, is every list correctly structured?
  • 10.3 In every web page, can the information still be understood when the style sheets are disabled?
  • 11.1 Does every form field have a label?
  • 11.2 Is every label associated with a form field relevant (excluding special cases)?
  • 11.5 In every form, are fields of the same type grouped together, where necessary?
  • 11.10 In every form, is appropriate use made of input checks (excluding special cases)?
  • 11.11 In every form, are input checks accompanied, where necessary, with suggestions to facilitate the correction of input errors?
  • 11.13 Can the purpose of an input field be deduced to facilitate auto-completion of the field with user data?
  • 12.6 Can content groupings present on multiple web pages (in the header, footer, main navigation, main content and search engine areas) be accessed or avoided?
  • 12.7 Does every web page contain a link to avoid, or gain quick access to, the main content area (excluding special cases)?
  • 12.8 In every web page, is the tabbing order consistent?
  • 13.3 In every web page, does each downloadable office document have, if necessary, an accessible version (excluding special cases)?
  • 13.8 In every web page, is every moving or blinking content object user-controllable?

Content not subject to the accessibility requirement

  • Third-party content that is neither financed nor developed by the organisation concerned and which is not under its control (YouTube video reader and inline frame, LinkedIn inline frame).

Establishment of this declaration of accessibility

This declaration was established on 30 September 2020.

Technologies used to produce the website:

  • HTML5;
  • CSS3;
  • Javascript;
  • SVG.

User Agents, assistive technologies and tools used to verify accessibility.

The web page tests were performed using the following combinations of browsers and screen readers:

  • Voiceover + Safari in OSX 10.15.4;
  • Firefox 79 + NVDA 2020.1 in Windows 10;
  • Firefox 79 + Jaws 2019.

The following tools were used during the evaluation:

  • Color Contrast Analyser;
  • Web Developer Toolbar;
  • Axe;
  • Arc Toolkit.

Conformity checks were performed on the following pages of the website:

  1. Home page- https://www.naval-group.com/
  2. Legal Notice - https://www.naval-group.com/fr/mentions-legales-75
  3. Search- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/recherche/naval
  4. Products and solutions - https://www.naval-group.com/fr/produits-et-solutions-dexcellence-9
  5. Submarines - https://www.naval-group.com/fr/sous-marins-35
  6. Strategy (in English) - https://www.naval-group.com/en/innovation-our-core-strategy-10
  7. Open Innovation (in English) - https://www.naval-group.com/en/open-innovation-48
  8. Engaging- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/sengager-selon-naval-group-11
  9. Anti-corruption - https://www.naval-group.com/fr/ethique-et-anti-corruption-45
  10. News- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/news-insights-23
  11. Suffren - https://www.naval-group.com/fr/le-sous-marin-dattaque-suffren-debute-sa-campagne-dessais-la-mer-707
  12. Governance - https://www.naval-group.com/en/governance-26
  13. Group - https://www.naval-group.com/en/naval-group-25
  14. Documents - https://www.naval-group.com/fr/documents
  15. Join us- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/nous-rejoindre-85
  16. Offer- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/talents/offer/P2020-001438-1
  17. Connection- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/talents/login
  18. Supplier- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/formulaire-fournisseur-179
  19. Apply- https://www.naval-group.com/fr/talents/offer/P2019-002858-2/apply     

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access a content item or service, you can contact the website manager and ask to be redirected to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in a different form.

Remedy procedure

This procedure is to be used in the following eventuality:

You have informed the website manager of an accessibility issue which prevents you from accessing a content item or service on the portal but have not received a satisfactory response.

Declaration of accessibility for the mediacenter.naval-group.com website

The declaration of accessibility of the website https://www.mediacenter.naval-group.com is in progress.