Naval Group is constantly looking to partner with new suppliers who share its ambitions and challenges as well as its values and commitments in terms of CSR.

Naval Group’s performance in naval defence is closely tied to that of its panel of suppliers. This panel represents one of the group's veritable assets and contributes to its value chain: two-thirds of its revenue comes from Purchasing.

~€3 billion worth of purchases

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11 %

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Purchasing categories at Naval Group

  • Indirect purchases

    - Infrastructures
    - Operating overheads
    - IT and telecommunications

  • Production purchases

    - Design and innovation services
    - Industrial services
    - Materials
    - Platform equipment and supplies
    - Energy and propulsion
    - Combat system

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Responsible purchasing

Naval Group is committed to a proactive CSR approach in several areas of the naval sector: social, environmental, ethical and anti-corruption and economic. Sustainably nurturing responsible purchasing practices in order to maintain the ties that unite us with our partners, both in France and internationally, reflects this commitment.

Naval Group is a partner of the GESAT network (group of employment assistance establishments and services) and favours purchases made from companies in the sheltered employment sector and more specifically from industrial companies.

Commitments to our suppliers

Having signed a responsible relations charter with its suppliers, Naval Group is committed to developing fair and mutually beneficial relations with its suppliers over the long term.

The group has included them in a suppliers and subcontractors relations charter which also defines the principles and values to be implemented in terms of ethics and contractual relations. It applies to all group employees who deal with suppliers and subcontractors.

Feel free to contact the Ethics Committee via a secure and confidential e-mail address for further information:

Naval Group’s expectations

Naval Group expects its suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the principles of the code of supplier conduct. It sets out the group’s expectations in terms of governance, compliance, the environment, human rights and social requirements.

An undertaking formalises suppliers’ and subcontractors’ commitment to this code of conduct.

Responsible supplier relations and purchasing

Naval Group’s “Responsible supplier relations and Purchasing” label has been renewed annually each year since 2014 by the Médiation des entreprises jury (French business mediation office), reflecting its compliance with the ISO 20400 standard.

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Working alongside SMEs

Naval Group builds long-lasting relationships with its stakeholders. The group affirmed this commitment in December 2010, signing the inter-company charter of best practices between major contractors and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME).

The group continues to apply these best practices as part of its responsible purchasing development approach.

Collaborative innovation

Naval Group has signed the French charter of public enterprises in favour of the emergence and development of innovative SMEs. In doing so, the group, like other signatories has made several commitments, more specifically to facilitating access to its areas of innovation for innovative SMEs and supporting them in their projects.

Naval Group relies on ambitious and collaborative innovation to deliver excellence in naval defence to our customers. The group is particularly interested in SMEs that develop technology and skills in around thirty target areas based on our six Research and Development (R&D) priorities: Smart naval force, Invulnerable ship, Smart ship, Blue ship, Smart availability, Smart industry

To find out more about them and apply, click here


The group pays particular attention to ensuring that the companies listed in its supplier panel are treated fairly, SMEs in particular.

If this is not the case, companies can speak freely on the subject thanks to an SME mediator, appointed to ensure a favourable and satisfactory outcome for all.



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Managing supplier relations

Naval Group is always on the lookout for new partners with potential in terms of improving operational and economic performance, innovation as well as international development to meet local production challenges. The Naval Group supplier panel is configured keeping in mind each supplier’s impact on the company’s performance and development. For each supplier in the panel, a lead buyer manages the relationship for the group.

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From pre-selection to supplier development

    1. Pre-selection

    Naval Group monitors the market and accepts spontaneous applications to identify prospective suppliers.
    Suppliers are preselected and their potential for collaboration is evaluated based on Naval Group's needs.


    2. Qualification

    The preselected supplier submits a pre-qualification application enabling Naval Group to validate the supplier's capability to meet requirements in terms of compliance, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment (OHSE), quality, technical know-how, industrial capacity, etc.
    A technical and/or quality audit completes the qualification process.

    3. Assessment

    Supplier performance is analysed annually according to group criteria: technical know-how, quality, cost, lead time, OHSE, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), etc.
    Areas for progress shall be identified should the assessment of their performance reveal shortcomings.


    Naval Group selects suppliers with a potential for development according to their importance and their criticality for the company’s activities as well as the results of their annual review.
    Naval Group supports these suppliers in drafting their development and quality improvement plans.



Suppliers - purchasing - quality requirements and forms


Suppliers code of conduct


Corporate social responsibility supplier agreement


Suppliers and subcontractors relations charter

Referenced suppliers’ space

Naval Group monitors the market and accepts spontaneous applications to identify prospective suppliers.
Suppliers are preselected and their potential for collaboration is evaluated based on Naval Group's needs.


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Becoming a supplier

Would you like to join Naval Group’s panel of suppliers? If your business matches the areas of competence sought by Naval Group, you can introduce your company and your activities via the application form.

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