At Naval Group, diversity is a shared value. Naval Group recognises the wealth brought forth by the diversity of profiles and backgrounds and its contribution to the overall performance of the group.

Through tangible commitments and concrete initiatives, it supports gender equality, the employment of people with disabilities and the integration of people experiencing difficulties with insertion. In terms of gender equality, the group adhered to the Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2021 and set up a system of equal in-house mentoring. The objective is to promote career development for men and women in the company. Naval Group aims to recruit 35% women in management and production positions by 2025.

All equal: priorities to skills

Promoted and supported internally, non-discrimination is a reality thanks in particular to the awareness and training of managers and employees and the very varied backgrounds of the people that come to work with us. Skills are the sole criterion on which employee-job matching is based, enabling them to maintain that position and to further their career.

Any Naval Group employee who considers themselves to be discriminated against may file a complaint that will be processed accordingly. The Discrimination Officers, duly trained and present in each group site, can be contacted. In France or India for example, exacting systems are operational, used and evaluated.

The signature in 2020, alongside some one hundred committed companies, of a Manifesto for the inclusion of people with disabilities in economic life, is a continuation of the actions of the Disabilities Mission. Among the ten commitments made in this respect are the recruitment of students with disabilities for internships and apprenticeships, as well as compliance with the French General Accessibility Framework for Administrations (RGAA) ensuring better digital accessibility of all our tools.

Safety: a basic right

For Naval Group, providing its employees with a calm working environment, preserving their physical and mental health, is a prerequisite. The Chairman and CEO of Naval Group has approved and signed the Health and Safety at Work and Environment (H&SW/E) policy. Naval Group’s global Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) management system is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified and is currently moving over to ISO 45001.

Femme en EPI sur un bateau avec une combinaison Naval Group

H&SW/E in our large subsidiaries

In the group’s largest subsidiaries (Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Brazil and Singapore), an international H&SW/E network is actively engaged in defining and implementing the strictest requirements.

Private life, professional life

Beyond working conditions, which are the subject of a specific agreement with the social partners, well-being at work also involves work-life balance. Naval Group responds to these legitimate needs by adjusting business hours (working hours, part-time measures), implementing remote working and allocating financial aid for childcare (CESU Universal Service Employment Voucher scheme).

Measures are designed to make it easier for employees to get to work. A few examples: the quality of the physical environment, the use of information and communication technologies, or the company travel plan that encourages the use of public transport, carpooling and cycling.