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Naval Group masters the entire naval defence value chain, from design to dismantling, through-life support of whole warships and the development of complex systems.

Naval Group’s needs in terms of qualified profiles cover the entire chain, not forgetting cross-functional skills such as cybersecurity and program support.

To organise resource management and recruitment, Naval Group has mapped its trades into 8 main families covering the entire naval defence value chain.

    Studies and engineering

    The broad family of studies and engineering groups together many professions ranging from methods and process managers to structure studies and tests managers, functional system integrators and whole warship architects.

    Program coordination, Production management, preparation and support

    Program coordination encompasses program management, operations management, program package managers, schedulers and risk management managers. The production management, preparation, and support trades include work site coordination, methods and production engineering.

    Industrial production

    The production professions include hull workers, welders, metalworkers, mechanics, electricians, machining workers, hyddraulician, arrangement designers and painters.


    Nuclear power covers the control, inspection, radiological protection, radiation protection, waste management and transport functions.


    Pyrotechnics mainly covers safety management and operations management.

    IT systems, products and cyber

    IT systems, products and cyber are trades relating to product IT: configuration management, software platform and engineering, hardware and network engineering.

    Inspections, measurements, tests and maintenance

    Inspections, measurements, tests and maintenance are the responsibility of the test managers and operators from the industrial departments, such as the maintenance technicians.

    Support functions

    The broad family of strategy, communication, marketing, sales, logistics, purchasing, procurement, finance, quality, human resources and legal support functions ranges from the human resources manager to the buyer via the environment prevention officer.

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