Sébastien Rousset aux commandes du SETIS
Patterns / Roue complexe test


On-board systems, mission and combat systems, digital and cybersecurity systems: as a system engineering leader and integrator, Naval Group integrates all aspects relating to on-board digital systems right from the design phase.

Our objectives? Propose powerful, scalable, reliable ships capable of continuous operation, even when under cyberattack. To adapt to digital technologies and provide navies with the best performance in complete safety, ships now have a distributed cloud-type architecture, Afloat Common Computing Evolutive and Secured System (ACCESS). This resilient and scalable system offers the crew the services needed to manage all the ship’s systems and data. Easy to use, it is controlled by artificial intelligence developed by Naval Group and is based on proven civilian systems, its mastery of naval combat systems and its knowledge of the French Navy's operational feedback.

AI, a force multiplier

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) also makes a difference in data exchange and decision-making. AI provides crews with tangible benefits, for example by supporting decision-making in complex situations or by improving human-machine interfaces. Signed at the end of 2019, the partnership with the Institute for Research in Information Technology and Automation (Institut de recherche en informatique et en automatique - INRIA) aims to increase our capacity for innovation in the field of AI.


Cyber resilience, a major priority

System cybersecurity is now an area of combat, which is why Naval Group integrates cyber capabilities on board its ships right from the start and guarantees their resilience at all stages of the life cycle. Naval Group’s warship digital systems are all natively protected (cyber by design).

Cybersecurity is also included in the ship development, production and in-service monitoring phases. Note: Naval Group's cyber solutions are tested and proven on its own testing and qualification platforms.


The on-board Setis system in action



Drones and autonomous systems, the future of collaborative naval combat

Naval Group is the designer, developer and manufacturer of surface and underwater autonomous systems of various sizes and integrator of naval and aerial drone systems in warships.
Naval Group offers complete drone-based capabilities aimed at boosting the operational capabilities of its customers’ naval forces. The performance of its solutions specifically relies on the I4®Drones Mission System and on ADC®, i.e. controlled decision-making autonomy, created to act as the drones’ onboard intelligence while offering the crew the capability to supervise this artificial intelligence safely, thus enabling them to carry out their mission within a naval group. Naval Group collaborates with an ecosystem of partners to integrate the latest innovations.


Asymmetric threats

The Digital Combat Bridge is an innovative operational centre used to ensure surveillance of the external environment in the near vicinity of the ship over 360° by day and by night, and to coordinate the means used to respond to any type of situation (asymmetric threat, complex manoeuvres, etc.).

Image Digital Combat Bridge

Our on-board mission and combat systems offer

Naval Group designs and integrates on-board mission and combat systems. At its Ollioules site, more than 1,000 engineers and technicians are involved in this area. Representing Europe's leading centre for real-time software, the campus also has a virtual reality laboratory.

Systèmes de mission et de combat embarqués


    Surface ship combat system for high-intensity naval operations.

    The on-board Setis system in action

    POLARIS® and NIDL®

    On-board systems for monitoring and transmitting data links in the interest of maritime security.

    Le système POLARIS® à bord


    Integrated combat system for powerful, automated and scalable submarines.

    Le système SUBTICS® à bord


    Mission system capable of deploying underwater, airborne and land drones.

    I4Drones screen

    Digital Combat Bridge

    Maritime safeguard mission system.

    Defense and intervention frigate


    Maritime safeguard mission system.

    i4 Safe screens


    Surface ship automated operating system.

    Illustration 3D du système système Shipmaster®

A full range of high-performance systems