Hearing without being heard. Seeing without being seen. Impressive, stealthy and scalable, Naval Group submarines have earned their reputation in the world’s oceans. They command respect and are the best assets of navies to guarantee sovereignty at sea.

Multiplication of regional tensions, contributors and threats: while the sea confirms its status as a pillar of sovereignty, submarines play a critical role to protect economic zones, exercise deterrence, collect intelligence and make a difference in inter-ally operations.

Among the most complex systems ever built, submarines vary in size and mission, and are the cornerstones of strategic oceanic forces.

Design, construction, maintenance and crew training: Naval Group offers a complete range of services to submarine fleets. The group designs and builds a whole range of submarines: conventional (diesel-electric propulsion) submarines, conventional attack submarines or nuclear-powered submarines or ship subsurface ballistic nuclear submarines.  

With the highest standards of excellence, operational performance and innovation, Naval Group submarines are renowned for their stealth, acoustic discretion and superiority in combat. Their scalability is another key feature, and they are all fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and leading digital systems. Lastly, to ensure the operational superiority of navies, the redundancy of on-board equipment is a prerequisite for Naval Group.

As a system designer and integrator, we also provide an integrated cybersecurity architecture from the design phase. Crews benefit from an excellent real-time surveillance capability to independently prevent and manage cyber threats and thus ensure resilience at sea. Faced with the intensification of cyber challenges, Naval Group has created the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a team of high-level engineers whose role is to better understand cyber threats: analyse, respond, anticipate.



Transfer of technology is essential for exercising sovereignty and is part of our mission. In whole or in part, the industrial submarine construction programs are carried out with local industrial partners, with a twofold advantage: on the one hand, the assurance that the ships meet the requirements of their users, and on the other, the guarantee of a positive socio-economic impact for local communities.

Lastly, training, which combines ultra-realistic simulator courses and exercises, is part of the support delivered by Naval Group, permanently committed to navies over the long term.


Transfer of technology


The bridge of the future

Our underwater weapon offer

Naval Group has an effective offer in terms of conventional and nuclear-powered submarines (note: nuclear technologies are dedicated to the French navy).



    Stealthy and easy to manoeuvre, the Scorpène® submarine sets new standards both on the open seas and in shallow waters. Its missions include combat against surface ships and submarines, intelligence gathering, special operations.

    Naval Group's conventional submarine is incredibly stealthy and autonomous. The Scorpène® design is adaptable to meet the needs of the user navy and can integrate the latest innovations, including Lithium-ion batteries, making it a cutting-edge technology submarine.


    Scorpène® submarine at sea

    Silhouette scorpène

    Barracuda: French excellence

    The French navy’s new ship subsurface nuclear submarine is versatile, mobile, enduring and quick to deploy. Missions: all areas of warfare, support for deterrence, deep strikes, extended area surveillance, deployment with a naval aircraft force, cooperation within coalitions, special forces.

    Among their missions, the Barracuda-class submarines participate in the support of the nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) of the Strategic oceanic force (FOST).  They will help in particular to create a veritable sanctuary for incoming and outgoing SSBN patrols.


    3D illustration of a Barracuda submarine at sea

    Silhouette barracuda

    Conventional Barracuda: the world of silence

    The conventional Barracuda is an extremely silent, powerful, versatile, discreet and enduring submarine that can be deployed over long distances for long periods.

    Missions: all areas of warfare, large weapon-carrying capacity, varying methods of operation for special forces, massive land strikes.


    3D illustration of a Barracuda submarine at sea

    Silhouette barracuda

    Ship Subsurface Ballistic Nuclear submarine (SSBN)

    The future third-generation ship subsurface ballistic nuclear submarine (3G SSBN) will offer the best performances in detection and discretion to benefit nuclear deterrence. Invulnerable because undetectable.

    Missions: nuclear deterrent and ultimate protection of France's vital interests.


    Ship subsurface ballistic nuclear (SSBN) submarine at sea

    Silhouette Sous-Marin nucléaire lanceur d'engins