Underwater weapons

Naval Group designs, manufactures and maintains underwater weapons systems providing navies with the deterrence and fire power they require.

Underwater threats are rapidly growing in the world’s seas, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and from the Indian Ocean to the South Pacific. Renewed activity by the Chinese, Russian or American navies, rising naval defence budgets, the construction of submarines of all sizes (mini-submarines, coastal, conventional or nuclear-powered submarines) to create or expand existing fleets ... the consequence being hundreds of submarines potentially navigating through international waters, creating the need for nations to be on the alert to safeguard their sovereignty and interests. And underwater weapons are a key element of their naval strategies.

Torpedoes and countermeasures

With over 1,000 torpedoes produced in 10 years, Naval Group’s Underwater Weapons Business Unit has various ongoing strategic projects under way and a strong ambition for development. It brings together nearly 400 employees in Saint-Tropez and Toulon, more than 50% of whom are engineers. The site of Saint-Tropez holds Naval Group’s unique know-how in the design and manufacture of torpedoes, anti-torpedo countermeasures and underwater drones. It produces the latest-generation F21 heavyweight torpedo for allied navy submarines.


The F21 heavyweight torpedoes and Canto-S® countermeasures are fired from nuclear attack submarines (SSN)


The Canto-V® countermeasures launched from a defence and intervention frigate (FDI)

Our underwater weapon offer

    F21, the latest generation heavyweight torpedo

    With its highly advanced mission system and endurance capability, the F21 is the first heavyweight torpedo capable of carrying out complex missions autonomously.

    MU90, the reference in lightweight torpedoes

    Considering its exceptional performance, this torpedo has become a reference for underwater deterrence weapons. Over nine navies are currently equipped with the MU90, primarily used for the protection of maritime approaches and naval force deployment.

    Firing of a MU90 torpedo

    Canto®, a revolutionary anti-torpedo defence weapon

    Based on the dilution/confusion principle, Canto® is the only countermeasure equally capable of effectively protecting submarines and surface ships from high-performance torpedoes and those of the previous generation.

    D19, an underwater drone the size of a heavyweight torpedo

    A high-endurance underwater drone, easy to use and capable of carrying out a wide range of military missions.