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Naval Group is an all-round expert in naval defence. In order to succeed in a context where the equilibrium is changing, Naval Group relies on its unique and far-reaching positioning. It allows Naval Group to tailor its reply to each navy's needs in the finest detail.

Naval Group holds a unique position. Whereas numerous companies operate in a single part of the naval defence industrial chain, we are present over the whole life cycle of a warship, from preliminary studies to design, via physical and functional integration of systems, all the way through to deconstruction.
Naval defence is one of the major components of a nation’s sovereignty. Navies must carry out prevention, protect a country’s interests, and ensure the projection of power and deterrence in increasingly unstable environments. In order to take on these sovereign missions, navies need naval forces capable of responding to multiple conventional friendly threats, as well as asymmetric and cyber threats.
Naval Group serves navies around the world. Navies who place their trust in us to design the naval solutions of tomorrow, manage some of the most complex projects in the world and provide efficient and innovative solutions throughout the life cycle of their ships. Naval Group ensures transfer of technology for these navies to enable them to become fully autonomous in terms of naval defence.

Naval Group Netherlands

Naval Group Netherlands aims to build long-term strategic partnerships with the Dutch maritime sector. In particular, the subsidiary will be key in connecting Naval Group and its Dutch partners and potentially manage the future submarine manufacturing process for the Walrus replacement program.

Naval Group has been active in the Netherlands since 2017. The Naval Group Netherlands subsidiary serves the company’s commitment to establish long-term industrial activities in the Netherlands. The Dutch subsidiary strengthens Naval Group’s global footprint and constitutes a strategic step in the context of future international naval programs.

Naval Group Netherlands is strongly committed to engage with all potential partners, SMEs and larger entities as well as knowledge centers leveraging their technical excellence.

Naval Group Netherlands’ main goal will be to organise the production process of the new generation of Walrus-class submarines, leveraging the Dutch industrial and R&D ecosystem and to use, enhance and preserve a comprehensive submarine knowledge basis in the Netherlands.

The Belgian-Dutch Mine Countermeasure (MCM) Program

In 2019, Belgium and the Netherlands have selected the Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium formed by Naval Group and ECA Group to replace their mine hunter fleets. Thus, the MCM program aims to supply 12 mine hunters equipped with drone systems (toolbox).


Our cooperation with Dutch industry

Naval Group has qualified a large number of Dutch partners, suppliers and knowledge institutes, with total sales of more than €200 million in products and services by Dutch suppliers to Naval Group during the past five years; making the Dutch maritime cluster an integral part of the Naval Group ecosystem and Naval Group’s second international supplier.
The Netherlands supply Naval Group’s global programs and we will continue to greatly benefit from the technology and expertise available within the Dutch maritime cluster.


Submarines by Naval Group

Hearing without being heard. Seeing without being seen. Impressive, stealthy and scalable, Naval Group submarines have earned their reputation in the world’s oceans. They command respect and are the best assets of navies to guarantee sovereignty at sea.

Submarines play a critical role to protect economic zones, exercise deterrence, collect intelligence and make a difference in inter-ally operations. They are the cornerstone of strategic oceanic forces and among the most complex systems ever built.

Design, construction, maintenance and crew training: Naval Group offers a complete range of services to submarine fleets worldwide. The group designs and builds a whole range of submarines: conventional submarines (ship subsurface conventional), conventional or nuclear-powered attack submarines or nuclear ballistic missile submarines.  

With the highest standards of excellence, operational performance and innovation, Naval Group submarines are renowned for their stealth, acoustic discretion and superiority in combat. Their scalability is another key feature, and they are all fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and leading digital systems.

The Barracuda-family, the world of silence

The Barracuda family offers extremely silent, powerful, versatile, discreet and enduring conventional submarine that can be deployed over long distances for long periods.
Missions: all areas of warfare, large weapon-carrying capacity, varying methods of operation for special forces, massive land strikes.

All about our submarines


Innovation, our core strategy

As an international high-tech company, Naval Group uses the outstanding know-how of its 17,000 employees, its unique industrial resources and capacity to set up innovative strategic partnerships in order to meet its customers’ requirements.

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