Naval defence

Naval Group is an all-round expert in naval defence. In order to succeed in a context where the equilibrium is changing, Naval Group relies on its unique and far-reaching positioning. It allows Naval Group to tailor its reply to each navy's needs in the finest detail.

Naval Group holds a unique position. While many contributors have a role to play in only part of the industrial chain of naval defence, we are the only group present throughout the entire life cycle of whole warships, from the preliminary design through to the deconstruction and physical and functional integration of systems.

400 years alongside the French Navy

Naval Group has been working alongside the French navy for over 400 years as designer, manufacturer and integrator of surface ships and submarines. Demanding and efficient, the French navy ensures the sovereignty of the second largest maritime domain in the world after the United States.

The French navy has played a leading role in the development of ships such as the Belh@rra® digital frigate and the Barracuda-class ship subsurface ballistic nuclear submarines. These ships are respectively inspired by the FREMM multimission frigate and Le Triomphant-class ship subsurface ballistic nuclear (SSBN) submarine. The successful modernisation of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in just 18 months demonstrates our ability to manage complex programs in very challenging environments.

50 navies have chosen Naval Group as trusted partner

Naval Group serves 50 navies around the world. Fifty navies who place their trust in us to design the naval solutions of tomorrow, manage some of the most complex projects in the world and provide efficient and innovative solutions throughout the life cycle of their ships. Naval Group ensures transfer of technology for these navies to enable them to become fully autonomous in terms of naval defence.

Long-term partnerships

The navies that choose us - in India, Malaysia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Egypt or Brazil - opt for a long-term trust-based relationship within which we fully demonstrate our ability to listen to their needs. Choosing Naval Group also means accessing scalable solutions that use the latest innovations as soon as it is possible to integrate them on board. Naval Group submarines and surface ships benefit from combat superiority, excellent interoperability capacity and maximum endurance at sea.

Multiple naval programs

A 360° naval defence is a reality reflected in multiple naval programs. The ships recently delivered for export include the Gowind® for the Egyptian Navy, the first of a series delivered within a record time of three years, and the commissioning in March 2021 of the Karanj, a conventional Scorpène®-type submarine benefiting from an unprecedented transfer of technology to the Indian Navy to ensure its autonomy.

3D illustration of the future Australian submarine (AFS)

Fleet services

Maintaining and modernising fleets and training those who will use and maintain our ships and their systems is essential for optimised operational performance, at all times and over the long term. Here too, navies can rely on Naval Group as their trusted partner. Services represent an important part of our business, accounting for 38% of our revenue, both in France and internationally.

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Naval Group serves the strategic missions of navies

    Surveillance and prevention

    To protect the territory, anticipate and combat all forms of trafficking.


    The keystone of French defence, deterrence, a preventive approach to protecting vital interests, is based primarily on four French ship subsurface ballistic nuclear submarines, stealthy and formidable fighters, pillars of the Strategic oceanic force.

    La dissuasion


    Force or power projection, thanks to effective and scalable weapon deployment systems and means.

    Logistic support for naval forces

    Enabling them to be fully operational.

    Le soutien logistique aux forces navales

    In-service support

    ISS of fleets and their modernisation, for maximum availability of naval forces.



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