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In the 21st century, combining opposing forces means power. With 400 years of naval innovation, 221 expertise and 13,000 employees, the history of Naval Group builds on unique expertise and technological breakthroughs, as well as strategic and organisational shifts. Shortly put, it is all but a long, calm river!

From naval architects to welders and from project managers to cybersecurity engineers, our 13,000 employees share a common goal: develop the digital naval vessels of tomorrow.

Supported by a state-of-the-art talent management programme, our employees share a common ambition while designing their own professional trajectory.

Professional trajectory, designed with and for you

Naval Group employees can design their own professional trajectory based on a set of tools that ensure that their needs and the needs of the organisation are met.

As mobile as you

A professional trajectory that is varied and within the same organisation: dream or reality? Mobility at Naval Group – both geographical and/or professional – is fostered by a strong commercial dynamism and a significant international growth.

When your dreams match our needs

Naval Group uses the ‘radar of experience’: an individual employee mapping chart that allows for better management of careers on a one-to-one basis. The result is that our employees can evolve professionally while contributing to the success of our growth strategy.

Maintaining critical skills is non-negotiable

Naval Group leverages on rare and cutting-edge skills and is responsible for maintaining them in the long run, knowing that throughout the years they may alternatively be used or on standby. Naval Group University allows for the transmission of know-how and skills that are critical to naval defence, which ensures that they are maintained over time.

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