[*JNR 2023] Vincent, Reservist Trainer

14 November 2023 Human ressources Defense Naval Corporate social responsibility Story

Ex-submariner Vincent is now a Functional Integration Manager at Naval Group’s Simulators department. He joined the operational reserve in the summer of 2022 and was assigned to the submarine navigation school (ENSM) as Trainer to impart his knowledge to sailors. This position has given him the opportunity to weave close ties with sailors in training and also proved to be beneficial for his activities within Naval Group.

At the interface between the French Navy and Naval Group

Recruited by Naval Group soon after retiring from service in December 2021, Vincent is a member of teams working on the development of simulators used to train and give sailors hands-on experience. He works very closely with the final users, conveying their needs before and during the design phase and passing on their feedback once these simulators are delivered. The objective behind this is to enable Naval Group to provide products meeting their needs as closely as possible. “The simulators must be highly representative of ground realities, and that goes for both surface ships and submarines. My past experience with the navy facilitates discussions and the understanding of these needs”, underlines Vincent.

Shared interests

“My career in the French Navy concluded as Instructor at ENSM, the submarine navigation school”, continues Vincent. “Once familiar with my job at Naval Group, I asked to sign up as reservist to continue imparting the knowledge acquired during my nineteen years of service, training atomic technicians and roundsmen at ENSM where there is a lack of instructors. 

Acting as a reservist keeps you connected to the reality of the armed forces! As Trainer, I’m familiar with the curriculum used to teach sailors as well as developments in profiles and needs. This really helps me to be proactive in my job in the company.”

A gratifying activity

Naval Group enables reservist employees to fulfill their commitments as reservists, granting ten days of fully paid leave especially for this purpose, as part of the operational reserve support agreement signed with the Ministry of the Armed Forces in 2019. All the same, Vincent stresses on the level of personal investment this commitment requires. “While this activity does make heavy demands on my time, it’s really worth the while. I’m happy to share my passion in this field and help sailors progress. We engage in very interesting discussions and their appreciation is immediate.

The reserve has a vast panel of trades on offer. Ex-navy officers as well as civilians have a lot to share, irrespective of their specialty or experience.”

In 2024, Naval Group will double the number of days granted to reservists from the company: they will now be given 20 days a year rather than the 10 days accorded since 2019.



*JNR: National Reservists Days