Naval Group - Combatting corruption and influence peddling


As the leader in naval defence and a major French company, Naval Group is playing its full part in combating corruption and influence peddling and has made it a top priority. At a time when the global economy is under severe strain, exacerbating competition between stakeholders, this is a strong commitment to our customers, business partners and civil society as a whole. This commitment can only be fulfilled through the strict enforcement of the group's rules and guidelines by the entire workforce. Adhering to the rules helps strengthen our company's competitiveness and industrial excellence both in France and abroad. Naval Group has established a comprehensive anti-corruption program as a reference framework for staff. It helps detect and anticipate corruption risks wherever they are. In everyday life,seemingly insignificant acts with our partners and colleagues can expose the group to a corruption risk with very serious consequences. That is why our choice of business partners, gifts or hospitality that we give or receive, patronage and sponsorship activities and also subscriptions to professional associations are clearly governed by group guidelines. Likewise, raising awareness of and training staff and stakeholders about these rules is essential. To that end, an elearning course and mandatory training sessions for the most exposed personnel are available. As I stated in our Anti-Corruption Policy, I expect executives and employees alike to adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines implemented as part of this program. I will be strict in the application of a zero tolerance policy for any behaviour that goes against our rules. I'm counting on you. Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from Naval Group