[Inclusion] Sylvanie Logello: On her way to the 2024 Paralympics!

24 November 2020 Human ressources Group Story

Since 2017, Sylvanie Logello has been International Deployment Manager in the Performance Management and Methods Department at the site of Toulon. She is also a top-level athlete with a disability. Focus on an exceptional competitor…

Alongside her eight office colleagues, Sylvanie manages the administrative and logistical procedures for personnel traveling abroad under Naval Group export contracts. “We assist employees right from the moment their international assignment is validated, and we are involved in every stage of their trip: obtaining visas, organising transport, booking hotels, etc. I really like the human and relational side of this job - every assignment is different and we never get bored!” Sylvanie joined Naval Group in 2004, and previously held positions as a Workshop accountant and Payroll Manager.

Sylvanie has always been a keen sportswoman in her personal time, first as a handball player, then as a rugby player. It was on the rugby field that she was injured, and her sporting life was brutally interrupted. But in 2019, Sylvanie took part in a parasports discovery day. She was soon noticed, and was approached to take a course in sitting volleyball, which fits in perfectly with her sporting abilities and is adapted to her handicap. The course was wildly successful, as by June 2019 Sylvanie had become a member of the French women’s sitting volleyball team!

Sylvanie's goal, along with her eleven teammates, is to represent France at the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. “It's a new challenge, but I've always been very sporty and I love challenges!” Sylvanie's days are far from restful. After her working day at Naval Group, like all parents, she puts on her mummy-hat to look after her 3-year-old son. “Once he’s in bed, my third day begins: that of a top-level sportswoman. I train 2 hours a day, 4 days a week; the hardest thing is to find the time,” she tells us. “But to have been able to return to high-level sport and to represent my country, as well as the sport of paravolley, is such an honour that the pleasure and the determination are there.” In addition to the daily training schedule, the team meets up once a month for a 4-day intensive training course in different parts of France. Naval Group supports Sylvanie in the organisation of her working time, enabling her to adapt to the schedule of an elite sportswoman.

Despite the current context, with the closure of sports facilities and travel restrictions, nothing dampens Sylvanie's motivation. We will be supporting her proudly throughout her journey to reach the 2024 Paralympics!

Sylvanie Logello, Naval Group