[Showroom episode 2/6] I4®Drones Mission System: welcome to the world of drones

23 June 2021 Systems Defense Naval Innovation


Surveillance, combat, intelligence missions and more. Naval Group has been working for several years now on the development and integration of autonomous vehicles to provide its customers with new capacities. The I4®Drones Mission System, presented in the Ollioules showroom, illustrates how their needs are met by enabling the coordination of several drones in all environments (air, surface, underwater) for naval and joint-forces operations. Patrick Mugnier, Marketing director of the “Maritime safeguard” product range in the group’s Product Marketing department.

As both a “proof of concept” and a precursor of current military programme developments, notably for the SDAM (aerial drone system for the navy), mine warfare and amphibious helicopter carriers (PHA), the demonstration proposed by the Ollioules showroom is a technological, immersive and fun experience for visitors.
“Totally in phase with today’s state of the art IT technologies, the demonstrator promotes the know-how of Naval Group’s teams in the fields of innovation and naval “system systems”, while bringing the technology as close as possible to users,” explains Patrick Mugnier.

A scripted, interactive demonstrator, in real operational configurations

Depending on the type of visitor (government, political, industrial or Naval Group employees), the demonstration can be customised to last between 10 and 20 minutes, with a variety of operational scenarios. The goal is to be able to point out all the advantages of using the very latest technologies: touch tables, dynamic video wall, 3D mapping, innovative man-machine interfaces, etc. “During group visits, we often invite someone to take part in the mission, to play the part of an operator using the touch table. The new generations of sailors are already at ease in the world of modern technology, and with more experience at sea appreciate the ergonomics and learn to use the interface very quickly! Involving the person directly helps to build a complicit relationship, one that is well appreciated during official visits.”

Visibility and promotion opportunities... to be exploited

The I4®Drones Mission System demonstrator - installed 4 years ago - will evolve as customer needs change and technology progresses. “We have to continuously give our visitors something to dream about. This is an amazing tool to promote technological innovation for operational purposes, as well one that brings great pleasure and satisfaction when our visitors see it... it always has that WOW effect!”