[Showroom episode 1/6] A showroom for our products and innovations

Showroom PCNO

21 June 2021 Systems Defense Naval Innovation


Our showrooms aim to display our first-class offer in a concrete and visible manner. The products, solutions, equipment and services presented illustrate our cutting-edge technological advances compared with those of our competitors. Let’s take a closer look at the first showroom, set up in 2015 when the site of Ollioules was built.

Here’s a reminder from Patricia Couchet, Promotional Marketing director: “Our showroom is part of the group’s policy to have three promotional and communication tools. The next ones will open in Cherbourg and Lorient and should be completed in a few months’ time”. The Ollioules showroom - the first of its kind - has been open since 2015. Spanning over a surface of 400 sq. metres, it includes several display areas: an institutional area presenting Naval Group's flagship products as well as its comprehensive commercial offer of warships, services and underwater weapons; a “white” area and a “dark” area dedicated to Naval Group’s systems activities. “The new showrooms will be set up in a similar way, thus giving access to Naval Group‘s entire offer throughout France.”

A living, changing area

Various groups come to the showroom. “For general presentations as well as specific sessions, we welcome our customers, prospective customers, elected officials and representatives of French and foreign governments, such as the recent visit by the Indian Ambassador, and trade press. Any employees who are interested can come and see the commercial results of their efforts,” continued Alice Van Doesburg, Promotional Marketing Officer. This technological showcase is regularly updated and supplemented with new demonstrations from the group's innovation programmes. Several themes are currently displayed in the “white” and “dark” areas, including five flagship demonstrations: I4®Drones, PCNO, Naval XPlore, Digital Combat Bridge and SETIS Innovation (see upcoming episodes).

Orchestrated by the marketing teams

In collaboration with and supported by the various departments and technical divisions involved in each demonstration, the marketing teams are responsible for overall organisation: demonstration presentations, welcoming visitors, showroom management.
“The impact of the health crisis on physical visits and face-to-face discussions has highlighted the showroom’s role as an innovative online presentation tool,” pointed out Patricia Couchet and Alice Van Doesburg. Its digital creation room is a true asset when proposing remote demonstration sessions and visits”.