[Portrait] Benoit, Planner, Scheduler and Shipyard Coordinator for hull and structure

Benoit assis à son bureau

28 July 2021 Human ressources Corporate social responsibility Story

In June 2019, Naval Group signed an agreement with the French National Guard supporting the operational reserve force and thus committing the group alongside its reservist employees. Patriotism or a professional challenge? Each of them has found their own motivation. Check out in this series the portraits of our fellow employees serving as reservists for the French armed forces.

In this second episode, Benoît Jouve, Planner, Scheduler and Shipyard Coordinator, present his mission as a reserve non-commissioned officer for the French national police force.

When did you join the military reserves and why?

After finishing my studies, I took the competitive exam to become a non-commissioned officer for the French national police force and passed the entrance exam. At the same time, I got a job in the civilian sector that was very interesting. I weighed up the pros and cons and finally decided to start my career in the civil society. But I definitely wanted to keep a foot in the military, which I really like. The military reserves offered me this opportunity: that is how I enrolled in 2012.

Being a reservist gives you the opportunity to meet people you would not necessarily meet in civilian life. What attracted me was the various missions, the feeling of importance that it gives us, the trust that we are given, but also the development prospects. My goal is to pursue my career and to move up the ranks to take more responsibility.

What are your missions within the French national police force reserves?

I am a non-commissioned officer for the French national police force. I carry out the same missions as a career police officer: road traffic control, roadside checks, general surveillance, making contact with the population and managing various types of problems. I also assist active-duty police officers in their everyday duties.

How is your activity as a reservist an asset for your job at Naval Group?

Being a reservist has allowed me to develop qualities that I also try to use in my civilian activity: to be rigorous, to improve my communication and my leadership skills, to bring people around me together, and learn how to manage pressure.

The agreement that Naval Group has signed with the French National Guard grants us ten days that we can dedicate to our activity as reservists. This makes it easier for me to reconcile my job in the company, my personal life and my mission in the reserves.

How many days have you signed up for your military mission? How long can your missions last?

I have signed a five-year renewable contract like any reservist and I spend an average of 20 to 30 per year in the reserves. This is a good average when you have a career to pursue at the same time.

The duration of my missions can vary, but, for example, the last one lasted 15 days non-stop and was outside my region, hence the advantage of our agreement! I can also be away for a week or two with a few days off or just for weekends.