Naval Group outlines its ambition in the MENA region at BIDEC Exhibition in Bahrain

Future australian submarine

13 October 2017 Defense Naval News

Naval Group will participate in BIDEC, Bahrain international defence exhibition and conference, which will be held in Bahrain from 16 to 18 October 2017. As a leader in naval defence, Naval Group is willing to provide high tech solutions and develop ambitious industrial cooperation in the region to serve autonomy and sovereignty to its customers.

Naval Group positions itself to build strategic partnerships with regional industry in the Middle East. With a long tradition of technology transfer, Naval Group has consistently demonstrated that it can be a key partner for navies, giving its customers full control of their sovereignty.

High tech naval solutions to the MENA region

  • The GOWIND® 2500 represents a new generation of multi-mission corvettes, robust and well equipped, both in terms of electronics, weapons and projection capacities. Integrating Naval Group SETIS® Combat Management System, she has a comprehensive Combat System for full-scale multi-threat missions, including a complete Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, and Anti-Surface Warfare suites. GOWIND® 2500 has already enjoyed a significant commercial success as 10 units were sold in 2013 and 2014 for the Malaysian Navy and the Egyptian Navy. We are proud to have delivered on Friday 22 September 2017 the first of class Gowind® 2500 corvette to the Egyptian Navy.
  • Regarding the FREMM multimission frigate, she combines the latest technologies developed by Naval Group, being the most advanced ship in her class worldwide. On 19th May 2015, Naval Group achieved a world premiere in Europe in successfully launching from a surface ship, the first-of-class FREMM Aquitaine, the first Naval Cruise Missile (NCM). The NCM can strike distant land targets with very high precision, thanks to its guidance system, reducing the risk of collateral damage. France’s total order is eight vessels with a delivery scheduled by 2022. In addition, one FREMM frigate has been delivered to the Royal Moroccan Navy in January 2014 and one to the Arab Republic of Egypt in June 2015, simultaneously with a five-year through-life support contract.
  • The MU90 lightweight torpedo is the sole new lightweight torpedo in the world. Designed and built with the most advanced technologies, the MU90 torpedo is capable to counter any type of submarine even acoustically coated, deep diving, fast evasive, deploying anti-torpedo effectors or bottomed in littoral areas.
  • Naval Group offers CANTO® for surface ships, the latest anti-torpedo counter-measure based on confusion/dilution principle.

Ensuring in-service support and modernisation on the long-term

  • Last but not least, Naval Group offers a wide range of support services during the entire lifecycle of both surface ships and submarines. These services stretch from the simplest order of spare parts to the through-life support of complete fleet. On top of current support operations, Naval Group can carry out modernisation and life extension programmes to maintain fleet availability at optimal cost. In Saudi Arabia, Naval Group has a thirty-year presence and is now working on three programmes improving the Saudi fleet’s availability through its subsidiary based in the Kingdom.
  • Naval Group also offers a complete set of courses and solutions designed to train all levels of naval and industrial personnel, from the start of a project through decommissioning and/or dismantling. Finally, Naval Group proposes services in naval bases and shipyards from the Design, Engineering, Construction, and Operation to the maintenance of these infrastructures. This global offer is designed to help navies to maintain and expand their self-sufficiency within technology transfer programmes.
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