Naval Group obtains ISO 37001 certification for its anticorruption management system

28 April 2021 Corporate social responsibility Ethics and watch Press release

On 19 April 2021, Naval Group was awarded ISO 37001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to the fight against corruption and influence peddling.

On the occasion of the ISO 37001 certification, Pierre Éric Pommellet, chairman and CEO, said "I am proud to announce that Naval Group is among the first French defense companies to obtain the ISO 37001 certification. This is a collective achievement highlighting the involvement of all employees to fully embed the fight against corruption and influence peddling in the daily practices and in the corporate culture of Naval Group. Beyond the international recognition it brings, it is a powerful message and a pledge of trust for our stakeholders, demonstrating our commitments in terms of legal compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility.”

ISO 37001 certification a real anti-corruption fight

ISO 37001 is a worldwide renowned anti-corruption certification which enables companies to strengthen the fight against corruption within the company and its ecosystem and to promote a culture of integrity. Obtaining this certification will notably allow Naval Group to accentuate the continuous improvement of its anticorruption system. It also contributes to strengthening the confidence of its customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

Fighting corruption: a Naval Group priority

ISO 37001 is a methodology anti-corruption fight which accompanies the group in its approach to compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Naval Group is thus one of the first French companies in the defence sector to obtain this certification. Naval Group has always carried a particular attention to the anti-corruption fight and the influence peddling. Obtaining this certification demonstrates its requirement and strengthens its anti-corruption management system performances.

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