[Interview] Damien Raby, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Naviris

15 November 2023 International Group Human ressources Defense Naval

Created in 2019, Naviris is a joint venture equally owned by Naval Group and Fincantieri. For both groups, Naviris represents the opportunity to improve their ability to serve the French and Italian Navies, to develop new technologies and to increase the competitiveness of the French and Italian naval sectors on the global naval defence market. Damien Raby, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) briefs us on the latest business and operational news from Naviris.

Why join Naviris?
Naviris is one of the rare exceptions as far as European cooperation in the shipbuilding industry goes, given its position as a long-term joint venture versus a temporary consortium.  The company stands strong thanks to a long collaborative history between France and Italy for various programs, right from the MU90 torpedo to multimission frigates (FREMM) and Horizon frigates. Moreover, the company also enjoys the support of its parent companies and nations, firmly committed to developing this collaborative relationship with the view to using it as a springboard for a broader scope of cooperation.    

While this is a rapidly growing subsidiary, it remains small enough to preserve a “familial” quality combined with a spirit of solidarity and curiosity.  The French and Italian cultures don’t merely co-exist side by side but make the most of their proximity to blend their cultures into all aspects of work and activities beyond the professional sphere. This is particularly enriching!     

The feeling that we’re all part of building something big together is a sentiment shared by all Naviris employees. 

The financial conditions are at least as interesting as those offered by Naval Group providing company employees who’ve joined Naviris with the option of returning to their parent company.

What are the subsidiary’s upcoming business priorities? 
Our first priority is to provide the deliverables we’ve committed to in our contracts, while respecting the defined time and cost framework. As far as the EPC (European Patrol Corvette) is concerned, we’re anticipating another four-year contract to follow with the first bid expected late November. With respect to R&D, it is up to us to give the sponsor nations good reason to assign a new portfolio of major projects to Naviris by 2025.  Lastly, in the beginning of 2024, we intend dedicating time to reflect on Naviris’ Purpose and eventual possibilities for broadening the scope of the company’s activities.   

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