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Naval Group

As industrial contractor, designer and overall integrator of whole warships and combat systems, Naval Group is the European leader in naval defence and a major world player.

Thanks to exceptional know-how and industrial resources, it designs, builds, integrates, dismantles and deconstructs and provides through-life support for submarines and surface ships. It is thanks to the group that France is a member of the select circle of nations capable of producing Ship Sub-Surface Ballistic Nuclear (SSBN) submarines. France is also one of the few countries to have an excellent naval aviation, the flagship of which is the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, a symbol of French deterrence, designed and maintained by Naval Group.
Via its 10 production sites in France, all experts in a key part of the naval defence value chain, and from its international subsidiaries, Naval Group builds a unique range of products and services for each navy. An offer adapted to its own needs and local challenges.
Committed to exercising its corporate social responsibility, Naval Group adheres to the United Nations Global Compact.

Our values

Our main assignment

    Fully satisfy our customers

    Fully satisfy our customers by supplying them with the naval systems needed to defend their national interests.
    Naval Group designs, builds, modernises and provides through-life support for navy ships, trains their crews and designs and operates their naval infrastructures.

Strategic plan (2019-2028)

Over the next ten years, Naval Group has set itself the strategic ambition of:

  • aiming for profitable growth, balanced between the activities run in France and internationally;
  • accelerating innovation, a vector of competitiveness;
  • maintaining its pivotal role in European alliances and strategic partnerships, such as the creation of the Naviris joint-venture with its Italian partner Fincantieri;
  • improving its competitiveness and the efficiency of its industrial processes;
  • maintaining and developing key skills, in particular those specific to the group;
  • affirming its unique positioning as whole warship designer and integrator prime contractor, managing the entire life cycle.


revenue, of which 30% abroad

38 %

revenue in service & infrastructure activities


in the order book, of which €3.4bn placed in 2020

15 798

full-time equivalents (FTE)


sites in France



83,9 %

satisfaction rate of the French Navy for service provision programs

400 years of naval innovation

Naval Group is the inheritor of nearly 400 years of naval innovation and excellence. Major technological, industrial and social advances have marked its history, from the first arsenals created by Cardinal Richelieu in 1631 to the launch of the Suffren, the first Barracuda-class submarine, in 2019. All of them contributed to the superiority of the French Navy, one of the largest navies in the world, and to the leadership of Naval Group.

Products of rare complexity

Amongst the most complex products designed by humanity, Ship Subsurface Ballistic Nuclear (SSBN) submarines are in a league of their own. One million components and 15 million hours of work were needed to build Le Terrible, France’s newest SSBN, while an airliner requires “only” 100,000 parts and 50,000 hours of work.


Executive Committee and Board of Directors: the members involved in Naval Group decisions.

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International presence

18 countries around the world place their trust in Naval Group.

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Message from Chairman and CEO

« The future is being prepared today and with youth », Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Naval Group, an industry leader

Naval Group, european leader in naval defence

Naval Group, european leader in naval defence