DCNS Energies presents its unique expertise in Marine Renewable Energy at the SEANERGY 2017 trade-fair

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21 March 2017 Marine renewable energies Press release

World leader for Marine Renewable Energy (MRE), supplier of turnkey production systems, DCNS Energies will be present in Le Havre on 22 and 23 March 2017 as part of the SEANERGY trade-fair. An opportunity for the Group to recall its ambition to create a French MRE industrial sector with a global reach capable of creating jobs and added value. Created in January 2017 by DCNS and Bpifrance, in partnership with the TechnipFMC Group and BNP Paribas Développement, DCNS Energies focuses its activities on the deployment of 3 MRE technologies:
  • Tidal turbines, in which DCNS Energies is present via its subsidiary OpenHydro, which has been testing and optimising tidal turbines for over 10 years. Tidal turbines of 16-metre diameter and 2-MW output have now reached industrial maturity. Three tidal turbines were installed in 2016 in 2 experimental farms in France (Paimpol-Bréhat) and Canada (Bay of Fundy). The tidal turbine installed in Canada produced its first kWh in November 2016. Numerous projects are under development in France and around the world (Japan, Canada, Indonesia…) and in particular the pilot-farm project Normandie Hydro, which foresees the connection to the network of 7 tidal turbines in Raz Blanchard by 2018. This portfolio of projects will allow DCNS Energies to very soon start the construction of a tidal-turbine assembly plant in the port of Cherbourg.
  • Floating wind turbines, in which DCNS Energies is cooperating with General Electric to develop an integrated 6-MW floating wind-turbine system. The two partners are part of a consortium led by Eolfi and CGN Europe Energy, selected in 2016 within the framework of the call for tender issued by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) for the development of pilot floating wind-turbine farms. Their project foresees the installation of a 4-turbine farm anchored off the Ile de Groix (southern Brittany, France) by 2019. On the international markets, DCNS Energies is a partner in the US project New England Aqua Ventus, coordinated by the University of Maine. This project relates to the development of a 12-MW pilot farm, comprising two floating wind turbines of 6 MW each, off the Island of Monhegan close to the Maine coast in the US.
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), on which DCNS Energies is working in particular through the NEMO project, which involves the installation of an offshore OTEC plant in Martinique, with a net output of 10.7 MW, allowing the supply of electricity to 35,000 homes. The Group regularly tests and optimises its technology via its land-based OTEC prototype system located in La Réunion.
To succeed on the promising but demanding Marine Renewable Energy market, DCNS Energies possesses major advantages: renowned experts, a technological advance, a solid portfolio of sites under development around the world and a positioning of a turnkey solution provider over the entire project lifecycle. DCNS Energies is convinced that Marine Renewable Energy is the energy of the future capable of supplying territories competitively, in particular in the case of islands.

Meet DCNS Energies at the SEANERGY conferences

  • Jacques Chatelet, Director of Operations - DCNS Energies, will speak on 22 March at 15:30 at the conference “Innovative technical solutions to simplify installation/removal during maritime maintenance phases”.
  • Thierry Kalanquin, CEO of DCNS Energies, will speak on 23 March at 15:30 at the conference “Let’s go global! Feedback from companies exporting in all the world’s oceans”.

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