[Portrait] Pauline, Combat System Integrator and Elles Bougent sponsor

26 March 2024 Corporate social responsibility Social News

Pauline, Combat System Integrator for surface ships at Naval Group, tells us about her role as sponsor supporting the Elles Bougent association. This association which includes 278 female engineers and technicians from Naval Group and 39 correspondents aims to inspire women to take up scientific and technical trades.

“I graduated from an engineering school with a major in Networks and Telecommunication, specialising in onboard systems. I also have a dual degree in Applied Global Security Engineering and Management. At the same time, I also completed a military preparation programme for naval officers and have been a reservist in the French Navy for the past five years.

I started out at Naval Group in 2019 as an intern and am now Combat System Integrator on Defence and Intervention frigates (FDI). This is a multifaceted trade!

I have also been one of the sponsors for Elles Bougent for the past year and a half. I was immediately drawn to the various discussions between female sponsors on site and more generally the interactions with female sponsors from other companies in the region. I really love my work in shipbuilding and am keen on showing secondary school, high school and girl students in general that this is an exciting sector of activity which they might really enjoy as well!     

My role as sponsor has given me the opportunity to participate in orientation days organised in schools, to advise female students and participate in several events. Lorient Océans is one such example; this is a maritime festival bringing together those involved in maritime activities in our beautiful city with six ports!

My message to girls in secondary and high school? Join us in shipbuilding, there’s a trade for everyone!”