Norwegian Submarines Programme - Interruption of ongoing competitive process

Future australian submarine

03 February 2017 Defense Naval Press release

DCNS takes note of the choice of Norway to interrupt the competitive process before its conclusion in order to choose an alternative solution in the framework of a joint intergovernmental procurement with another European country. We regret this sovereign decision even if we respect it. We remain convinced that our offer was superior, in particular in the anti-submarine warfare area, crucial for operations and patrols in the High North and we remain at Norway’s disposal to re-engage the discussion, especially if the cooperation planned with the German Government would not reach an agreement. DCNS thanks the departments of the Defence Minister and the French Navy as well as its Norwegian and French industrial partners. They accompanied and supported the Group to build up this solid and top-level technological and industrial offer which meets the Royal Norwegian Navy’s ambitions. DCNS future conventional submarines programmes will benefit from excellent work and Scorpene teams mobilization to precisely meet the Royal Norwegian Navy’s requirements, with very ambitious target costs.
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