[Job portrait] Stéphane Picout, an experienced member of the Weapons Detection and Communication department (ADC)

Stéphane Picout

15 December 2021 Human ressources Submarines Story

Before becoming Design and Test Manager for the Underwater Detection department (ADC/UWD), Stéphane Picout worked for 22 years in the maintenance of nuclear attack submarines (SSN). He is now in charge of providing the group's customers with a range of products in acoustics for validating the performance of surface ships and submarines at sea.

Solid field experience

“I trained as a technician and joined the Underwater Detection department (ADC) in Ollioules in 2018, after spending twenty-two years in the shipyard in Toulon. I have taken part in a total of sixteen Full Cycle Dockings (FCD) and over two hundred Mid-Cycle Dockings (MCD) on SSNs: it was the technical knowledge I acquired during this period that earned me a place on the engineering teams at ADC," says Stéphane Picout.

He also worked in Malaysia from 2015 to 2018 supervising all the equipment for the submarine combat system built by the group.

This experience, both rare and valuable, is a major asset for the department, particularly for export programs, and often leads to assignments in India, Brazil and Malaysia.

A product-oriented position

Involved in many programs, the ADC/DSM department is made up of two entities. "The Programs division - our customer - oversees the integration of equipment on board ships, while the Products and Services department, which is where I work, produces underwater detection-related products, in close collaboration with R&D activities.

Our main products are the GOBI source, which allows us to test the performance of sonars, and the MARS polygon, which measures the ship’s radiated noise in various operational configurations. These test means are designed to validate the acoustic performance of surface ships and submarines at sea - that' s the second aspect of our work.”

Bringing together engineering and the shipyard

Stéphane Picout values the diversity of the acoustic world, both from a human and a scope point of view. “The relationship between the teams working in the shipyard and the engineering teams is very important because it allows us to better understand each other's problems," he explains. My current ambition is to pass on my technical knowledge and experience in the field to the younger members of my department and to Naval Group customers. I also learn from them every day!".