Naval Group’s Open.Lab revolution

Capturing innovation

Open.Lab is a space dedicated to the emergence of new ideas, drivers for breakthroughs in the broadest sense, for the benefit of Naval Group. This new initiative provides Naval Group with an opening to the exterior to boost the dynamics of its innovation approach.

Sharing know-how

Open.Lab is a laboratory for innovative practices and new creations, driven by the sharing of knowledge and know-how. Open.Lab is based on an in-house community made up of coaches, technical relays and all employees, who share their competencies.

It offers software support and rapid prototyping (3D printers, laser cutting machines, electronic equipment, digital platforms, etc.) allowing physical testing and the acceleration of innovation processes for each person’s concept or idea.

Externally, Open.Lab is interconnected with start-ups, universities and the Fab&Co network, bringing together different company fablabs (Renault, Haeger, Airbus, SNCF…).

Stimulating creativity

Open to all employees, Open.Lab gives priority to everyday flexibility and sharing. It fosters a new form of thinking, through action and movement, based on an iterative and collaborative methodology. Here, each employee can interact freely with the coaches, who are trained to stimulate creativity and bring solutions. Each person can claim this exploratory space for their own to bring to life a mock-up, drawing, volume, catalogue of principles…, either alone or collectively and with a short lead time.

Increasing potential

The Open.Lab approach, through the dynamics of interactivity and decompartmentalisation that it generates, creates a bond within and between teams. It also strengthens the commitment around the company and increases the innovative potential through the adoption of new approaches and sharing of experience.