Underwater weapons

Naval Group designs and integrates underwater weapons that provide ships with deterrent or fire power.

The submarine threat is growing in the seas of the world, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, from the Indian Ocean to the South Pacific. Renewed activity by the Chinese, Russian or American navies, increasing naval defence budgets, construction of submarines of all sizes (mini-submarines, coastal, conventional or nuclear-powered submarines) to create or expand existing fleets: the result is hundreds of submarines traversing the world’s seas at all times, keeping States on the alert to preserve their sovereignty and interests. And underwater weapons are a key element of their naval strategies.

Torpedoes and countermeasures

With more than 1,000 torpedoes produced in 10 years, strategic projects under way and a strong ambition for development, the Naval Group Underwater Weapons Business Unit brings together nearly 300 employees in Saint-Tropez and Toulon, more than 50% of whom are engineers. The BU is specialised in the design and production of torpedoes, acoustic countermeasures and underwater drones. In particular, it produces the latest-generation F21 heavyweight torpedo for French Navy submarines.


Ship subsurface ballistic nuclear (SSBN) submarine at sea


Details of a ship subsurface ballistic nuclear (SSBN) submarine

Our underwater weapon offer

    F21 torpedo

    The latest generation of heavyweight torpedoes for submarines, the only new development of heavyweight torpedoes in the world.

    F21 torpedo


    The world’s most efficient lightweight torpedo, adopted by nine navies, deployable from any naval and air platform.

    Firing of a MU90 torpedo

    CANTO® for surface ships and submarines

    A countermeasure using the confusion/dilution principle, it is revolutionary in anti-torpedo warfare for surface ships or submarines.

    CANTO® countermeasure