To guarantee and increase ship performance, Naval Group designs and develops equipment for surface ships and submarines, whether in its own right or in partnership.

Submarines, combat system made in Naval Group: equipped with the latest-generation F21 heavyweight torpedo designed by Naval Group, Naval Group submarines fitted with the SUBTICS® integrated combat system are equipped with a mast hoisting system. In terms of anti-torpedo warfare, the group has developed Canto-S®, a revolutionary countermeasure that operates on the principle of confusion/dilution.

Guided landing for the Dixmude: after a series of demanding and conclusive tests, the French Navy equipped its three amphibious helicopter carriers (PHA) – the Mistral, the Tonnerre and the Dixmude – with the SYGUAP landing guidance system, designed and developed by Naval Group. The aim? To reinforce operational capabilities of amphibious helicopter carriers.


View from the sail of a Ship Subsurface Ballistic Nuclear (SSBN) submarine at sea


The Dixmude amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA - porte-hélicoptère amphibie) at sea

Barracuda: a super-equipped class

It is difficult to list all the equipment of the Barracuda-class submarines, as many of them make them formidable and discreet fighters. Intrinsically, the new French Ship Subsurface Nuclear (SSN) submarine is equipped with an architecture enabling easy, fast and accurate manoeuvring. Its stealth is increased tenfold, reducing its footprint. Developed by Thales, its sonar suite contains several acoustic sensors, each with a specific spatial and frequency coverage. Lastly, its flank array sonar considerably increases its listening capabilities. Ultra-precise digital sensors, new-generation antennas, optronic masts and mine and obstacle avoidance sonar complete the equipment set for the French Navy’s new SSN.

Our equipment offer

Naval Group designs and integrates numerous systems that provide fleets with decisive advantages in operations.


    Vertical missile launch system.

    Vertical missile launching systems


    Handling system for on-board heavyweight helicopters.


The equipment offered by Naval Group for submarines


The equipment offered by Naval Group for surface ships