Shipbuilding under one roof


Shipbuilding under one roof

The Naval Group of today can trace its roots back to 1631, when France’s Louis XIII ordered the construction of new naval shipyards. More than just an administrative decision, this move was a radical change in naval shipbuilding. It aimed to bring together under one organization the best experts and infrastructure that France had to offer in terms of naval architecture, construction, systems integration, and maintenance.

Fast forward to today. We take you on a tour of Naval Group’s unique end-to-end industrial model, which has been exported with success around the world.


Design & Engineering

The design of submarines and surface vessels is done at our facilities in Brittany and Normandy. These locations are also home to R&D activities, material sciences research, and industrial process development.

Procurement & Fabrication

Once the vessel’s design passes through the various stages of the review cycle, procurement and fabrication begins at our yards in Cherbourg, Brest, Lorient, Nantes-Indret, Angoulême-Ruelle, Marseille, Toulon, Le Mourillon, Bagneux, Paris and Issy-Les-Moulineaux). The latest industrial planning and project management methodologies ensure smooth on-time delivery and installation of the subassemblies and units. This phase finished with the launch of the hull.

Outfitting & Integration

The next step is installing and integration all the ship’s equipment and systems. These include machinery, interior modules, functional systems like propulsion, power and HVAC, and operational systems such as command, combat and combat management systems. These systems are either developed directly by Naval Group or provided by 3rd party suppliers.


Training & Simulation

To prepare crews for the new ship, Naval Group offers theoretical and practical training programs and tools. From design to operation and maintenance, Naval Group supports navies in acquiring, maintaining and upgrading their know-how at our sites in Ruelle, Brest and Toulon.


Testing & Trials

Throughout the fabrication process, the vessel’s construction is tested for conformity to specifications. As the installations, modules and systems are fitted, they are tested during dock trials before undergoing extensive sea trials to evaluate seaworthiness and performance and test the shipboard equipment and systems in real world conditions.


Commissioning & Delivery

After passing Test Readiness Review, the vessel is officially handed over to the client and enters service.


Maintenance & Modernization

During it service, the vessel is maintained and regularly modernized throughout its lifespan to provide optimum operational availability. Naval group provides several different maintenance contract modes to meet our client’s fleet availability strategy.


Infrastructures & Technology Transfer

Naval Group is one of the few naval defence contractors that both builds ships and constructs shipbuilding facilities. Our services include the design and construction of shipyards and naval bases. Our technology transfer programs enable our clients to develop home-grown shipbuilding and fleet maintenance capabilities.

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