Naval Group signs several new contracts with Hellenic companies under the FDI HN program

Pierre Éric Pommellet

10 mai 2023 Naval de défense Partenaires Communiqué de presse

On the 9 of May 2023 at the DEFEA exhibition in Athens, Naval Group signed new contracts with 5 Hellenic companies, as part of Naval Group’s ambitious Hellenic Industrial Participation (HIP) plan related to the FDI HN (Hellenic Navy) frigates program. These contracts demonstrate the Group’s commitment to develop and structure a strong industrial cooperation with the Hellenic industry.

Naval Group’s Hellenic Industrial Participation plan was launched in March 2022 at the start of the FDI HN program. With the contracts signed on May 9th at DEFEA, the HIP activities involve now more than 60 Hellenic companies, with high skilled jobs and economic benefits for Greece. The new contracts signed today at the DEFEA exhibition concern:

  • SALAMIS SHIPYARDS: pre-outfitting activities on hull blocks both for Hellenic and French FDI;
  •  THEON, EFA Group company: optronic activities onboard FDI HN through one of our main partners SAFRAN;
  • MEVACO: several new contracts for the production and supply of mechanical equipment of the FDI;
  • PRISMA: production of naval weapons component;
  • MALLIONDA: new activities involving welders and pipe fitters in Naval Group’s shipyard in Lorient.

Increasing the industrial naval activity in Greece

Naval Group and the Hellenic defence industry are building a long-term partnership which daily demonstrates its high level of skills and its ability to provide very high-quality equipment and services. Naval Group’s objective is to further develop its footprint in Greece through partnerships with the Hellenic industry, research and academic partners. In this regard, Naval Group seeks to enlarge the Hellenic companies’ participation in its global supply chain, from which they will have the opportunity to participate in other programs and future international competitions.

Naval Group’s Hellenic Industrial Participation plan will contribute to the construction and the support of the FDI HN but also to the creation of a robust naval industrial ecosystem in Greece. The structured and long-term partnership implemented by Naval Group will foster production in Greece but also the capability to address future needs.

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