Naval Group - Combatting corruption and influence peddling


As an international naval defence player and leading French company, Naval Group is fully committed to fighting against corruption and influence peddling and has made it a top priority. At a time where the global economy is under considerable strain, exacerbating competition between market players, this represents a binding commitment, not just with regard to our customers and commercial partners, but also to civil society as a whole. However, this commitment can only be guaranteed with support from our employees through their uncompromising adherence to the group’s rules and guidelines. The respect of our rules actively contributes to how we are able to reinforce our company’s competitiveness and industrial excellence, both in France and internationally. Naval Group has drawn up a comprehensive anti-corruption policy to govern the activities of all its employees. It allows to detect and anticipate the risks of corruption wherever they may be. In our daily working environment, conduct with partners or colleagues that appear seem inconsequential can actually expose the group to a risk of corruption, whose consequences can be very severe. So, this is why clear boundaries have been set at group level, with instructions on the choice of our commercial partners, the presents we give or receive, the gestures of hospitality, patronage and sponsoring or even subscription to professional associations. And we are raising awareness of our employees and stakeholders on these rules and training them on these issues. Not only has an e-learning module been created with this in mind, but the employees most likely to face potential situations have also received mandatory training. I have already stipulated in the group’s Anti-Corruption policy that I expect executives and employees alike to adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines in place as part of this policy. I will be strict in the application of our zero-tolerance policy for any behaviour that goes against these rules. I’m counting on you! Pierre Éric Pommellet, Naval Group Chairman & CEO

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