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09 mai 2023 Naval de défense Partenaires Communiqué de presse

From May 9th to May 11th 2023, Naval Group is a major partner of the second edition of DEFEA, the Athens Defence Exhibition in Greece organised by the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence. The Group will be showcasing its surface ships offer and technologies, through the FDI frigates and the Gowind® corvettes, and its innovation capabilities on warships. The French-Hellenic industrial cooperation will be in the spotlight with several events and signatures of subcontracts within the FDI HN program.

Come and meet us in Hall 2 at booth E6 at the Metropolitan Expo Athens!

A long-term partnership with Greece

At DEFEA, Naval Group strengthens its commitments to the Greek Industry and the Hellenic Navy modernisation.

Naval Group has been established in Greece since 2008, where the company is well known for its expertise and experience in ToT and in-country construction. Thanks to this long-term presence, the company has been able to identify and build relationships with many high-skilled and innovative companies within the Hellenic defence industry, but also with research and academic partners.

The development of Naval Group’s Hellenic Industrial Participation plan (HIP), defined as part of the FDI frigates for the Hellenic Navy program, is a major asset for Greece in terms of economic returns and capacity to transfer know how to the Greek defence industry, recognized for its high level of expertise. This plan is going forward, with more than 50 contracts already signed involving 60 Hellenic partners since the start of the program in March 2022. It has already had numerous and lasting economic repercussions on local industry by making it possible, beyond the FDI program, to integrate Greek companies into Naval Group's supply chain for future French and export programs. Naval Group’s offer for the corvettes program also includes a robust industrial cooperation plan to ensure economic benefits in Greece of at least 30% of the program value and create hundreds of jobs while furthering the involvement of Hellenic partners in the Group’s international operations.

A comprehensive offer for modern fleets

Naval Group is one of the few companies in the world with the ability to deliver directly or in transfers of technology a complete range of warships with their combat systems and all the critical equipment necessary to engage naval power in a theatre of operations.

  • The FDI frigate

This state-of-the-art frigate is able to perform a large range of missions either stand-alone or within a task force. Like the FREMM, the FDI frigate features high level capabilities in anti-air, antisurface, anti-submarine and asymmetric warfare domains, taking into account the French Navy operational legacy acquired in wartime situation. As the first digital frigate, FDI frigate integrates latest-generation systems around a naval digital distributed cloud architecture, natively cybersecured and compatible with the new Information Technologies developments and provides operators with robust services. The FDI HN meets all the requirements of the Hellenic Navy. Fully interoperable with NATO and EU Navies, she is capable of protecting efficiently high value units or areas at sea, shore facilities, cities and Greek islands. The program is going forward right on schedule. The first two frigates will be delivered in 2025 and the third one in 2026. As part of the HIP plan, Naval Group’s program includes the construction of blocks of the French and Greek frigates in Greece.

  • The Gowind® corvette

Naval Group is proposing the Gowind® Corvette as a response to meet the Hellenic Navy requirement for the renewal of their naval capabilities. This military-engineered compact surface combatant takes the best of the latest technological advances developed and mastered by Naval Group for large frigates. She is fully compliant with the Hellenic Navy needs and paves the way to complementarity and interoperability between FDI and Gowind, which can create economy of scale for the Hellenic Navy: training, maintenance, etc. The Gowind® corvette is already sea proven with the Egyptian navy. Naval Group has a long history of conducting transfers of technology and know-how in major complex industrial programs all over the world. The Group has already demonstrated a successful ToT for the Gowind class corvette; a first of class was built in France in only 38 months, and the rest of the series has been successfully built in Egypt by a local shipyard.

  • The product and services offer

Naval Xplore, an interactive, immersive and customizable miniature 3D center, presents Naval Group’s whole products and services offer. In a closed room in the booth, visitors will face the complexity of the operational environment of a warship, combined with the diversity of threats and the performance of new weapons. Thanks to operational feedback and continuous investment in R&D, Naval Group demonstrates through the Naval XPlore experience how the ships of Naval Group and their combat management systems provide intelligent and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the navies.

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