Classroom innovations


Spreading the wealth

With 400 years of prior history and expertise, Naval Group is the living memory of France’s extensive naval defence knowledge. Handing down technical and managerial know-how through the generations is essential to the integrity and development of any naval force. The Group acknowledges the responsibility they have to consolidate and pass down the wealth of knowledge they have inherited through evermore intuitive and innovative methods.

Today, increasingly complex naval operations resulting from tighter mission interoperability, call for increasingly diverse training scenarios. And with tomorrow’s generations constantly reinventing the dynamics of tuition, Naval Group has identified a real need for fresh and adapted solutions.

Learning, with no boundaries

Naval Group Universeaty is the Group’s dedicated training centre that relies on 400 of its occasional instructors to voluntarily deliver a full-range of training modules not only within Naval Group, but also internationally. Who better to teach the future generations than the present generations of a world-renowned naval force?

This academic structure offers a comprehensive range of training solutions, and in doing so, it gives Naval Group a real edge, not only internally, but also on the world stage.

Naval Group Universeaty’s internal training programme builds and reinforces the Group’s strength in a number of ways, not least by prompting its volunteer trainers to remain at the forefront of their disciplines, thereby handing down only the most relevant know-how. The non-hierarchical collaborative atmosphere creates a real hub of knowledge where the latest training material and the Group’s reference documents are updated simultaneously.

On the world stage, Naval Group Universeaty offers a comprehensive range of training programmes enabling every country from around the world to grow their naval facilities and capabilities according to their needs. With training on any and every vessel, from design through to decommissioning, international navies benefit from Naval Group’s extensive expertise, either in France or in their home country, and strive towards autonomy in their naval defence. With 20 years of successful Transfer of Technology around the globe, Naval Group is everyone’s naval solution.

Innovation becomes a subject

Where better to innovate than where innovation is born? This mentality has led Naval Group Universeaty to rethink and adapt out-dated training methods with more intuitive and engaging training scenarios. They include “on-the-job” training and 3D simulator training as well as other methods such as inverted classrooms and e-learning, where the training material is digested prior to the face-to-face training being delivered.

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