Worldwide presence

Naval Group, a world-class industrial player, operates in 18 countries including Brazil, India or Singapore. Our objective? Compile a unique offer for each navy.

The Group pursues a responsible and sustainable international development policy based in particular on innovative partnerships concluded within the framework of controlled transfers of technology. By sustainably associating local manufacturers, Naval Group creates thousands of direct and indirect jobs wherever it sets up large shipyards. Finally, it contributes to ensuring that each country acquires its full naval sovereignty.

To enhance its customers' knowledge and place them at the centre of the innovation process, Naval Group has created centres of excellence for experimental research and development (R&D) in Australia, Belgium and Singapore, and plans on opening more in the future. These centres also make it possible to forge links with research institutes and universities, local authorities and partners and thus enhance the group's reputation locally. Another benefit is to develop collaboration with researchers and academics from other backgrounds, who can provide a different perspective and approach to issues.

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    Saudi Arabia

    Naval Group established its presence in Saudi Arabia in 2007, then in 2013 through its Naval Group Support subsidiaries and Naval Group Arabia. Naval Group is also present via the Zamil Naval joint venture, 55% owned by Naval Group Participations and 45% by Zamil Offshore Services Company.


    The Sawari frigate at sea

    Arabie Saoudite


    Naval Group Pacific Pty Ltd is based in Adelaide. Since its establishment in 2019, it has promoted Naval Group products and services. Furthermore, Naval Group Pacific is an official centre of excellence of the Naval Group international network, dedicated to open innovation in the field of naval defence.



    Naval Group Belgium is a wholly owned subsidiary of Naval Group.


    3D illustration of a minehunter



    Naval Group has been present in Brazil since 2009 via Naval Group BR Sistemas de Defesa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Naval Group, and Itaguai Construcoes Navais SA (ICN), a joint venture 41% owned by Naval Group.

    The joint venture is 41% owned by Naval Group. Its activity is focused on the construction of 4 Scorpène® submarines, the maintenance and repair of ships and floating structures, and the transfer of technology. 


    The Riachuelo submarine during its launching



    Established in Chile at the end of 2010, Naval Group supports its customer in the maintenance of Scorpène® submarines and the management of a program for modernising U209 class submarines.


    A Chilean Scorpène® type submarine



    Naval Group has been present in Colombia since 2016 with a representative office located in Bogota to promote the group’s products and services both in Colombia and Peru.



    Naval Group has been present in Egypt through a representative office based in Cairo since 2015. Naval Group is also present in Alexandria, with its wholly-owned subsidiary Alexandria Naval for Maintenance and Industry.

    Furthermore, its subsidiary Naval Group Alexandria provides maintenance services in operational conditions for ships supplied by Naval Group to the Egyptian Navy.


    The Gowind® in dry dock in Alexandria


    United Arab Emirates

    Naval Group is present in the United Arab Emirates with a representative office located in Abu Dhabi to promote the group’s products and services.



    Naval Group is a major player in the French naval sector. The group benefits from the highly specialised skills of its employees, present across 10 sites in France, to build some of the most complex products in the world. 


    The Suffren ship subsurface nuclear (SSN) submarine during its launch on the launching facility



    Naval Group has been present in Greece since 2008 with a representative office located in Athens to promote the group’s products and services.



    Naval Group India subsidiary was created in September 2008 in order to support the P75 project for the Indian navy: the construction in India of six Kalvari-class submarines, based on Scorpene® design.

    Naval Group’s commitment to Indian Navy and industry includes engineering design, transfer of technology, training, combat system integration and assistance for construction and tests. The Indian subsidiary of Naval Group is also in charge of identifying and qualifying local industrial partners for ongoing and future projects in line with the Indian Government’s “Make in India” policy. Naval Group’s collaboration with India aims to foster the historical Indo-French collaboration and support India’s aim to gain regional superiority and advanced naval defence capacities in the Indian Ocean Region. 

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    The Kalvari submarine at sea


    With its representative office located in Jakarta, Naval Group has been present in Indonesia since 2013 to promote the group’s products and services.



    Naval Group is present in Italy via Naviris, the 50/50 joint venture with Fincantieri. The Naviris head office is located in Genoa, Italy. 



    Naval Group is present in Malaysia with its wholly owned subsidiary Naval Group Malaysia.

    Created in 2009, Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation (BDNC) is a joint venture (40% Naval Group, 60% Boustead Heavy Industry Corp) which has been working with the Royal Malaysian Navy to increase Malaysia’s sovereignty through the creation of the Malaysian submarine force consisting of two ships, crew training and construction of the infrastructure required to maintain the ships

    Established in 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, the subsidiary Naval Group Malaysia supports Malaysia in the design and construction of Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) surface ships.




    Scorpène® type Malaysian submarines



    Naval Group is present in Mexico with a representative office located in Mexico to promote the group’s products and services.

    silhouette mexique


    Naval Group has been active in the Netherlands since 2017 in order to establish long-term industrial activities and partnerships, as well as to foster strategic relations with the Dutch maritime industry and knowledge centres.

    Furthermore, the Dutch subsidiary of Naval Group will provide support during the design and execution phase of the Mine Counter Measure Vessels’ replacement program, e.g. twelve Mine Counter Measure Vessels for the Belgian and Dutch Navies, fitted with a complete mission package. While supporting the Netherlands in strengthening its leading position as one of the few sovereign high-sea fleets within Europe and NATO, Naval Group Netherlands contributes to the local economy. It regularly engages the skills and knowledge of several local research centres/institutes on specific subjects.

    More information about Naval Group in the Netherlands.



    Naval Group is present in the Philippines with a representative office located in Manilla to promote the group’s products and services.



    Created in Singapore in 2005, Naval Group Far East is wholly owned by Naval Group SA.

    Its main purpose is to provide maintenance and support services for the Formidable frigates and Seaward Floating Barrier that are used by the Navy. In addition, Naval Group Far East provides products, services, project management, maintenance and logistics support to customers in the region, with a focus on coastal maritime security.