Whistleblowing system

Naval Group provides dedicated contact persons for any employees and stakeholders who are victims of, or witnesses to, inappropriate behaviour, and an internal whistleblowing system enabling them to issue a report and express their concerns in complete confidence.

Naval Group guarantees that no employee or stakeholder who has issued a report in good faith and in accordance with the procedures provided for by the Group shall be subject to reprisals or any form of disciplinary action.

When should a report be issued? 

A report should be issued when an individual:

  • witnesses or is aware of a situation of corruption or influence peddling, conflict of interest, financial, accounting or financial fraud, anti-competitive practices, discrimination, harassment or, more generally, any unethical situation;
  • witnesses or is aware of risks to, or serious violations of, human rights and fundamental freedoms, the health and safety of persons and the environment, resulting from the company's activities;
  • is personally aware of a crime or offence, a grave and manifest violation of an international undertaking regularly ratified or approved by France, a unilateral action by an international organisation taken on the basis of a regularly ratified international undertaking, law or regulation, or a serious threat or prejudice to general interests.

How do i issue a report?

In all cases, a report may be issued in writing or orally to the line manager and/or a Human Resources department representative.

The originator of the report may also contact:

  • on their site, depending on the subject, a dedicated contact person: discrimination officer, ethics/CSR officer, Compliance Officer;
  • at group level, the Ethics, Compliance and Governance department (DECG) or the Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CERSE) using the following e-mail address: ethics@naval-group.com.

This address can be used for any questions or remarks concerning our CSR program.

How is a report processed?

  • All reports are processed by a qualified person and bound by a confidentiality agreement.
  • The process aims to guarantee, as far as necessary, the protection of the identity of the issuer as well as the persons targeted and the nature of the events.
  • If necessary, an investigation is carried out.
  • The investigation is based on facts and must make it possible to determine the reality and materiality of the facts reported.
  • Depending on the outcome of the investigation, disciplinary or legal proceedings may be initiated.

Who can issue a report?

  • Any Naval Group employee or stakeholder may issue a report.
  • This person must act in good faith, i.e. without malice or expectation of personal consideration, and have reasonable elements to demonstrate the veracity of their claims.
  • Misuse of the system may expose the originator to disciplinary sanctions and/or legal proceedings.
  • Conversely, its use in good faith cannot expose the originator to any sanction even if the facts are not physically established after processing and investigation.
  • Facts, information or documents, whatever their form or medium, covered by national defence secrecy, medical secrecy or confidentiality of relations between lawyers and their clients are not covered by the whistleblowing system.