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For more than 400 years, innovation has been part of Naval Group’s DNA, to ensure the rapid implementation of operational capabilities on its vessels and thus guarantee the operational excellence and superiority of its customers, crews and fleets. Naval Group’s innovation strategy is based on a qualified, sturdy and trustworthy ecosystem to meet and anticipate its customers’ needs and ensure the agility of its production tools. The priority is the rapid experimentation of solutions with high capacity potential, with an agile network of SMEs, startups, academic and industrial entities and the support of regional, national and European institutions. Innovation is omnipresent in Naval Group culture and has enabled a wide network of innovation acceleration mechanisms to be implemented around France. The group is also developing an international network of partners based on strategic collaborations, major programmes and the creation of R&D centres of excellence. In order to anticipate and meet the requirements of the naval defence industry, Naval Group is implementing a multi-domain innovation strategy, concentrating its efforts in 6 areas of innovation. Smart Naval Force ensures operational and informational superiority as well as superiority in engagement of the fleet, on all types of missions and faced with all types of threats, according to the forces available. Collaborative combat and the integration of autonomous vehicles into naval forces are at the heart of Smart Naval Force projects. Smart ship covers new operational advantages by increasing the potential of the crew and the number of systems on board the ship at the naval force combat system level. R&D efforts are moving towards the centralisation and treatment of ship’s operational data, the agility of the ship’s cybersecurity and the study of intelligent materials. Humans are at the centre of all Smart Ship projects. Blue Ship responds to the increase in operational capacities and energy needs related to the evolution of available energies and changes in regulations. Our commitment continues on the integration of new energy sources, on the experimentation of propulsion concepts and the study of ecodesign devices. Energy optimisation and efficiency are at the centre of Blue Ship projects. Invulnerable Ship ensures superior military performances, by maintaining an operational advantage against all adversaries and resisting current and future threats. Operational superiority in all sea states as well as the ship’s discretion are at the centre of the Invulnerable Ship project. Smart Availability guarantees a ship’s reliability, ensuring their endurance and availability in rough sea conditions. The deployment of predictive maintenance and remote assistance services for the naval force is the priority of the Smart availability project. Smart Industry develops a digital, flexible and agile industrial tool, ensuring efficient productivity for the future generations of ships and the activeness of Naval Group trades. Digital transformation, digital tween and improvement of the processes forming the backbone of Smart Industry projects. The culture of innovation at Naval Group is growing constantly, much like everywhere in its ecosystem. Trust-based relationships with customers, partners and suppliers increase the pertinence and efficacy of research and development work.

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