[Trade portrait] Laurie supervises sonar systems for surface ships.

11 May 2021 Innovation Submarines Defense Naval


Laurie is an engineer in the underwater detection team at the Naval Group site of Ollioules, and works for the export programs. She supervises sonar systems for surface ships in a department that has changed a lot in just a few years. Portrait of a young engineer who manages complexity on a daily basis.

 Having always been fascinated by the maritime universe, Laurie obtained a diploma from the SeaTech engineering school in Toulon and began her career in the field of oceanography, working for a company that takes measurements at sea. In December 2019, an opportunity to join Naval Group presented itself: “I wanted to join a large group to discover other applications of my profession in the maritime sector. The Underwater Detection department offered me the opportunity to work on the Mine Counter Measures Vessel (MCMV) programme to supply the Belgian and Dutch navies with twelve minehunters”, explains Laurie.

A melting pot of generations

From the moment she arrived, Laurie received support and guidance from Thierry Maurice, an experienced acoustics engineer who also works in export, particularly for Gowind® corvettes: “I accompanied Laurie during the initial integration stages into the team and in learning the Group's processes. Today, we work as a duo on surface ships”, explains the engineer.
Alongside Thierry, she took part in all the testing and acceptance phases – field training which has allowed her to be more independent in her current work. “I already had some knowledge of acoustics, but the fact that I can ask my supervisor for advice on specific subjects is reassuring to me”, adds Laurie, who also benefits from the advice of subject matter experts.

A multi-faceted and stimulating activity

She manages the Mine & Obstacle Avoidance Sonar (MOAS) system, from choosing the supplier and contractualisation, to the physical and functional integration of the system on-board the ships, including the validation of equipment performance and tests, both at dock and at sea.   
“My activity is very multi-faceted: it involves many different professionals and the subjects are complex from a technical and organisational standpoint. This transversal and multi-trade aspect is highly rewarding, especially since the employees are all keen to share their knowledge”, confides Laurie, who enjoys the dynamic nature of her daily operations.
“In my profession, you have to be self-driven to achieve the best compromise while meeting the requirements of each worker. There are a great deal of technical specifications to integrate and asking questions is crucial in order to better manage the project’s progress”, explains the young engineer.