Professional bridges

Embark for new professional horizons and change course, it’s possible at Naval Group. And it is the case for more and more employees. Because we do not all have the same aspirations when we are 20, 30 or 50 years old and because the needs of an industrial group change and have to be planned for, Naval Group has set up a Professional bridges plan.

The aim of this plan is to provide assistance and guidance to the personnel in the construction of their career.

“Professional bridges: a conviction and a reality at Naval Group”

From purchasing … to business development


Soumyajyoti, accompanying India’s expanding activities

Soumyajyoti Basu joined Naval Group India’s Purchasing unit in 2011, to participate in the selection of Indian industrial partners to manufacture under the transfer of technology, the equipment for the Indian Scorpène® submarine (P75). “After travelling throughout India with my teams to visit and select Indian companies, I carried out quality audits, even the drawing up of contractual files for the P75 contract. My mission was almost over when I was asked to become deputy programme director for the P28 contract, for the supply and integration of raft-mounted gearboxes for the propulsion system of the four Indian P28 anti-submarine corvettes. A new challenge for me! I had to manage French teams based in Nantes and control the planning and budget part of the programme. In 2013, I wanted to be closer to my family and have a more sedentary position. The subsidiary director proposed that I put my knowledge of the Indian industrial structure to use in market research and business development in naval infrastructures, equipment and marine renewable energies. In 3 years, I moved from purchasing to industrial cooperation and development in Mumbai.”

From fishing vessel engineer… to welder


Alain, a new profession through internal training

Alain Jego arrived at Naval Group with a very good knowledge of the marine environment, “I was a fishing vessel engineer when I had an accident preventing me from doing my job. The Merchant Navy doctors declared me unfit for navigation. Interested by the job of welder, Cap Emploi put me into contact with Naval Group. I went on a week’s introductory work placement and I liked it. Cap Emploi and Naval Group organized a 9-month fixed term contract with internal training at the Lorient Welding centre. On my arrival, I benefitted from a completely new prototype jib crane where everything is installed (hoses, welding unit, etc.). Nothing to carry, no more cables lying around…the welder trade is also compatible with my disability. In October 2012 my fixed-term contract was transformed into an open-ended one, my qualification is recognized.”

From Quality … to training navies


Cécile, bridges between cultures

A Master graduate in International management, Cécile Augor-Thebault learned the ropes in a major group of the telecommunications sector before joining Naval Group in 2005 as quality manager of the Brest submarine centre, for the maintenance of the Le Téméraire submarine. “In 2008 I completely changed fields and was put in charge of the selection of Malaysian manufacturers in order to train them in Through Life Support for their two Scorpène® submarines. For two years I travelled between Brest, Malaysia, Cherbourg and Toulon, as required by the training programs and the integration of the Malaysian teams. I also hold this position for the Brazilian training projects. Now based in Brest, my international experience is used by the Naval Group Universeaty® teams to implement multisite training programs adapted to our customers.”