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Aiming to recruit 1,000 talented employees in 2018, Naval Group is already reaching out to its future staff. In addition to their academic record, those who will join our group tomorrow must be motivated by the challenges of constant transformation. They must also be capable of both short-term and long-term and demonstrate a passion for excellence. In return for their commitment, we offer unique, tailor made trajectories that are adjusted to each of our employees. At Naval Group, when it comes to your professional evolution, you’re in the driving seat.

Defence and energy: high technology at sea

Let’s make it clear: Naval Group is unique in the industrial league. A leader in naval defence, we design, build and maintain surface vessels and submarines for world marines including the French Navy. We also conduct ambitious development programmes for renewable marine energies in 3 fields of expertise: tidal turbines, floating offshore wind turbines and ocean thermal energy conversion.

Naval Group is also a global brand with an ambitious strategy. It aims at reaching out to the world, beyond France and Europe. To achieve this, we must integrate the best expertise, support employees’ loyalty and maintain critical skills, which are essential to state sovereignty.

Addressing the ultimate complexity

If you join us, you will be working on state-of-the-art, high technology products and services, more complex even than sending rockets into space. We are one of many industrials in the world with the capacity to design and build systems as complex and sophisticated as nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers or tidal turbines used to produce electricity.

Unique expertise; unique career paths

Submarines, frigates, corvettes, sea cutters, aircraft carriers: both undersea and surface vessels demand an outstanding level of engagement and passion in order to rise to the technical, technological and commercial challenges of our markets. Such permanent transformation and accelerated innovation bring multiple opportunities for unique professional trajectories. Naval Group employees are in command of their career evolution.

We are hiring a wide range of engineers and technicians in naval engineering, studies, product computing and information systems, cybersecurity, production engineering, project management, electricity and electronics, mechanics, machining, boiler making, welding, nuclear and more.

Training and apprenticeship: tangible steps for the younger generation

Acquiring a first professional experience while being a student and learning from senior staff is a fundamental step for young graduates. This is why we support both apprenticeship and training courses. Each year, 600 trainees join Naval Group.

How to join us

Students, young graduates and senior professionals with a conquering spirit, a taste for complex projects and a passion for innovation are welcome to join us and contribute to the great adventure of the 21st century’s naval defence and marine renewable energies.

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