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Surface ships

Integrating the most modern technologies, Naval Group surface ships protect the sovereignty of navies over the world’s seas. Efficient, reliable and scalable, these concentrated technologies remain easy to use.

Naval Group’s frigates (Gowind®, multimission frigates and Belh@rra®) are capable of handling all types of warfare, while force projection and command ships (Mistral-class amphibious helicopter carriers) can project forces, command naval aircraft operations and support humanitarian missions. All our surface ships, in particular aircraft carriers, benefit from the most advanced technologies, equipment and fire power to counter all threats (conventional, cyber, asymmetric).

Detect before being detected

Carrying a full range of weapons, our surface ships use high-performance sensors and have an exceptionally low acoustic signature to be able to detect before being detected. Their spacious aviation installations allow helicopters to operate efficiently under all sea conditions. Thanks to excellent physical integration on board, our surface ships also respond to the fact that navies increasingly choose to use drones to expand their surveillance areas.

Détecter avant d’être détecté

Interoperability and coordination

Interoperability is essential for fleets carrying out missions that cover anything from internal security to combat on the high seas. In accordance with the standards of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), our surface ships ensure interoperability, in particular through tactical data links that enable the coordination of allied fleets’ combat systems.

Interopérabilité et coordination

Our surface ship offer

    The fully refurbished Charles de Gaulle

    The French Navy’s flagship was placed in dry dock for its mid-life reconstruction in February 2017.

    Eighteen months later, it was returned to the French Navy equipped with a new combat and aviation installations system and a modernised platform.


    The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier at sea

    Porte-avions Charles de Gaulle

    PHA Mistral: high capacity, high agility

    Versatile and capable, Mistral-class amphibious helicopter carriers (Porte-Hélicoptères Amphibie - PHA) have proven their effectiveness in a wide range of joint force projection and support operations.

    In particular, they are used to provide assistance to victims.


    Mistral amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA - porte-hélicoptère amphibie) at sea

    PHA Mistral en mer

    FREMM: the ultimate surface combatant

    The multimission frigate (FREMM) benefits from superior naval capacities in all areas of warfare, and particularly in anti-submarine warfare and deep strikes.

    It launched its first cruise missiles in operations in 2018.


    FREMM at sea


    Belh@rra®: the digital warrior

    The compact frigate embodies our expertise as an integrator with added value. Multimission, it is designed to handle all areas of warfare.

    Equipped with a cloud-type distributed digital architecture, it is scalable, resilient and provides the services required by today's sailors on demand.


    3D illustration of a Belh@rra® at sea


    Gowind®: regional superiority at sea

     Robust, superbly equipped, easy to operate, Gowind® integrates sensors and weapons thanks to the Setis® combat management system.

    It is capable of managing anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-surface missions.


    Gowind® at sea


    Minesweepers in Belgium and the Netherlands

    Twelve mine sweeping vessels, six for the Belgian Navy and six for the Dutch Navy, will each be equipped with around one hundred drones.

    They will be delivered upon conclusion of the agreement entered into by Naval Group in 2018. Based on cooperation with some forty Belgian partners, an initial delivery is expected in 2024.


    3D illustration of a minehunter

    Chasseur de mines