[Showroom episode 5/6] Naval XPlore: an interactive, immersive and customisable world

05 July 2021 Systems Defense Naval Innovation


Digitalisation is accelerating throughout Naval Group. To match the cultural and industrial transformation that it implies for all the group’s activities, the marketing teams have come up with new promotional tools. Mathilde Harnais, Promotional Marketing manager and Naval XPlore project leader, tells us more.

Why Naval XPlore?

New means of accessing information are required for each new generation of customers and prospective customers. With technological innovations, screens and interactivity are becoming all the more important. At exhibitions or during site visits, visitors are looking for a memorable experience, as personalised as possible. We have therefore completely redesigned the area and tools used to present Naval Group activities. Naval XPlore was used for the first time at Euronaval 2018, where it was a huge success!

What makes it so innovative?

There are two aspects. It is both very large, covering up to 200m² with the capacity to host three different delegations at once, as well as being almost intimate at the same time, as it is almost infinitely customisable to satisfy the expectations of our visitors. We can welcome guests in 40 different languages. We also worked well upstream with all the trades concerned to make each visit an exceptional experience, making the visitor feel “special”. Another strong point - compared with what exists elsewhere - is the vast range of presentations available. These range from institutional messages to the group’s value added offer, as well as highly specific content on certain programmes and services. Finally, the modular nature of Naval XPlore means it can be deployed at international exhibitions as well as in Naval Group showrooms.

How was it created?

It involved a lot of people and the creation of work groups: Operational marketing, which has substantial feedback from the navy, Sales, teams from our programmes, Innovation managers, etc. As Project Leader, I participated in lots of themed discussions and was responsible for developing the tool. To make head-way in the definition and realisation of the concept, we had to be very organised and work transversally without losing sight of the final goal: to produce an innovative marketing tool that is not too technical but which immerses the visitor in the futuristic world of Naval Group – one that calls on all the senses, combining new technologies and interpersonal exchanges.

Will Naval XPlore evolve?

Due to the excellent feedback from visitors since 2018, notably on its personalisation assets, we are not planning to make any radical changes. One evolution is that we are now proposing a remote version for use in the group’s showrooms as well as a version for office PCs, by filming the presentations.

Mathilde Harmais

Naval Xplore at IDEX 2021