[Showroom episode 4/6] Digital Combat Bridge: one step further in navigational safety

30 June 2021 Systems Defense Naval Innovation


Two years after being installed in the Ollioules showroom, the Digital Combat Bridge demonstrator continues to offer visitors a unique immersive experience. Just 3 minutes to discover the display and decision-making assistance solutions that can make all the difference in the combat zone when faced with asymmetric warfare and complex manoeuvres.

Asymmetric warfare is one of today’s major concerns for the navy. How can we view close tactical situations in the dark as well as during the day? How can we define the threat level in real time? How can the system be connected to the vessel’s weapons and equipment to ensure a suitable, rapid response? “The Digital Combat Bridge (DCB) demonstrator is packed with innovations to answer all these questions,” explained Jérôme Ocana de Sentuary, Operational Marketing manager.

Three convincing minutes

Seated in a half-sphere with no mask and 360° vision, the visitor is immersed in a hyper-realistic operational situation, filmed off the coast of Lorient. The demonstration is based on an asymmetric warfare scenario. “Our visitors soon appreciate the ground-breaking nature of this system in terms of intuitive man-machine interfaces, use of artificial intelligence bricks (real time analysis of target behaviour, response level with unrivalled reactivity), representation of the vessel’s environment: the image can also be enriched by other instruments (radars, sonars, nautical information); and connectivity with the combat system.”
It is the fruit of a long collaboration involving several Naval Group teams and skills. It is controlled and animated by the Operational Marketing team, which accompanies the various groups of visitors. “Seamen discover a solution which meets their needs to contend with new types of threats. Scientists recognise Naval Group’s expertise in the complexity and the level of technologies used by the system.”
It appears that DCB visits also trigger other ideas!
Although this solution is designed to meet the needs of navies, it also offers other perspectives, even for non-military uses, such as berthing assistance, surveillance of sensitive, busy areas, etc. “In short, having a 360° view of a location with additional pertinent information is a major asset when rapid decisions are required to ensure safety,” concluded Jérôme Ocana de Sentuary.

What is asymmetrical warfare?

Often associated with terrorist acts, the concept is that of an attack in which the “weak strike the strong” using any means, and when the party being attacked is not prepared to protect itself against the threat.

Jérôme Ocana de Sentuary