Naval Group responds to navies quest for operational excellence by offering a range of value-added services over the entire life cycle of ships and naval infrastructures.

Sovereignty at sea is exercised over time and requires fleets that are available, efficient and at the cutting edge at all times. To ensure that their fleets contribute today and tomorrow to their sovereignty, navies never lower their guard in terms of requirements.
Among our services, the in-service support and modernisation solutions are adapted to all types of ships, designed or not by Naval Group, and to the specific needs of navies. Logistic support and the modernisation of naval infrastructures are also included in our offer.


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French Navy ships maintained in service each year


Transfer of Technology and continuous training programs


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The Languedoc FREMM undergoing maintenance in Toulon


The Saphir SSN undergoing maintenance in Toulon

Our tailored service offering

    Keeping fleets running

    In-service support (ISS) helps navies maintain and enhance the operational availability of their fleets to ensure their sovereignty.

    ISS guarantees the profitability of initial investments throughout the life cycle of a ship. This expertise is based on Naval Group’s historical experience alongside leading navies. Taking advantage of our unique know-how in terms of combat platforms and systems, ISS notably uses advanced predictive analysis. 


    Ships at sea


    Knowledge transfer and local growth

    Transfer of Technology is a major asset for supporting the sovereignty of navies and their autonomy. Naval Group is one of the rare naval defence players to deploy it worldwide.

    The Gowind®, chosen by Malaysia and Egypt, is a perfect illustration of this. While the first ship of the class was built in France, the second was built mainly in Egypt, where it had a significant positive impact on the local economy. Another illustration of Naval Group’s support for local economies is the “Make in India” policy that has enabled the construction of Kalvari-class conventional submarines in India. These Scorpène® submarines are built locally by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd (MDL). Naval Group facilitated the local production of heavy duty equipment while contributing to the development of crew skills, thus supporting the local industrial ecosystem.


    The Gowind® in dry dock in Alexandria


    Training and simulators

    Our training offer is key to the self-sufficiency of navies as it allows them to operate their fleets autonomously and over the long term.

    Training is also essential for making the most of a ship’s potential and for ensuring that all system and/or equipment updates are carried out by crews. Naval Group University can deploy all options and formats according to the expectations and needs of each navy: academic training, on-board training, on-site training or training in navy centres, or virtual or augmented reality simulators. 


    Ship subsurface nuclear (SSN) submarine control simulator


    Raising awareness, training and teaching

    Knowledge of the threat, awareness, training and practice for employees and customers are an integral part of Naval Group’s approach to combating cyber threats and managing cyber attacks.

    Naval Group is also committed to training experts within the naval sector by creating the naval system cyber defence chair with the Atlantique IMT, Thalès and the École Navale. Note: Master’s degree specialised in cybersecurity of maritime and port systems opens in January 2020.


    Naval Group employees in training