[*SEEPH 2023] “A strong resolve is vital to advocating diversity and inclusion”

20 November 2023 Human ressources Group Corporate social responsibility Story

Following a successful stint as an apprentice with Naval Group in 2016, Morgan Léon is now working as Work Package Manager (RLT) at the site of Brest. For the past several years, this 27-year-old engineer has been actively engaged in competitive parasports and in the fight against discrimination. He shares his experience and his convictions on the need to encourage society to change its perspective on the subject of disabilities.

Steadfast professional growth

After completing a two-year university degree in technology, specialising in mechanical engineering, Morgan enrolled at ENSTA Bretagne and worked in the Maintenance and Infrastructures Department at the Naval Group site of Brest as part of his work-study program. He joined the site of Brest in September 2019 as New Works Contract Manager for buildings and infrastructure following a six-week internship in Ireland at Open Hydro, a former Naval Group subsidiary. Six months later, he moved on from a fixed-term to a permanent contract. He then took up the position of Work Package Manager-Maintenance and Infrastructures in September 2021.

“Since September 2023, my work has involved preparing cost estimates for corrective works for the Frigates department. This assignment as Through-Life Support (TLS) Work Package Manager, more commercial than technical in nature, gives me the opportunity to get the feel of a panorama of fields. It’s new and interesting!”, says Morgan.


Para swimming champion and referee

His accomplishments in the sporting field are equally remarkable. “I started swimming in my higher secondary school and rapidly joined the world of competitive parasports, making it to several French championship finals, in tandem with my studies. After a break due to back problems and the health crisis thereafter, I returned to the world of competitive parasports but as a referee this time around. I do however continue to swim to help with my back problems and going by my most recent sporting results, my performance remains highly respectable in spite of it all!” Morgan Léon won three medals in the World Dwarf Games, an international competition where he had already distinguished himself in 2017.


Committed to the inclusion of persons of short stature

The parasports club of Brest of which Morgan Léon is a member, does a lot of work to raise awareness on disabilities. When he learns of such an event being organised in his former secondary school, he decides to participate and continues to do so in the years to come. He is then invited to speak in another establishment to talk about his sporting career and his day-to-day life. He is also the administrator for the Association for persons of short stature that strives to get better recognition for people with this particularly conspicuous disability with representations that are rarely flattering. “We still have a long way to go”, confirms Morgan Léon. Talking about disabilities helps to change the way people see us and creates bonds with others. A short stature isn’t an obstacle to surpassing yourself. I’m a testament to this and am happy to work for a group that promotes diversity and favours inclusion. A strong resolve to progress in this regard is of primordial importance!”


*SEEPH: European week for the employment of people with disabilities