[Prosub] 2020: a year of contrasts ending on a high note

17 December 2020 Submarines Group Story

Based in Itaguaí since 2017, Sébastien Jacquin, Construction Technical Assistance Manager for the Brazil PROSUB program, reflects on 2020 and the many challenges it brought, and looks to the future.

On 11 December 2020, Brazil celebrated its PROSUB program’s launching of the Humaitá (SBR2) and integration of the Tonelero (SBR3), with a ceremony in restricted numbers (due to Covid-19). Each year, the Day of the Seafarer is celebrated in Brazil on the birthday of their First Admiral. In 2020, it coincided with both of these events.
Brazil’s pride was shared among the teams of Naval Group and ICN (the joint venture, Itaguaï Constructoes Navais). This date marked the end of a year that saw intense mobilisation and agility: despite the slowdowns due to the sanitary crisis, all of the milestones for PROSUB were met.

2020: all milestones respected

“Platform tests are currently being validated for the First-Of-Class Riachuelo,” reminds Sébastien Jacquin. “A dive at maximum depth is planned for the end of 2020, and the combat system tests are planned in 2021, just before the delivery of the ship to the Brazilian navy. In 2020, we have carried out the battery activation, boarding and charging operations, in addition to various integration works for the Humaitá. The installations are scheduled to start up in 2021.” Everything was ready for 11 December. While the Humaitá was being preparing for launching, the Tonelero and all of its sections were brought together to prepare its final joining.

Highly-mobilised teams

Everywhere, the teams’ mobilisation overcame the difficulties encountered. From the very start of the first lockdown in mid-March, they set up solutions to allow for a speedy resumption of activity and to limit the impact of the crisis. Remote working, video-conferences - the back office teams worked tirelessly.

Agile solutions

For both Naval Group and ICN, all the trades worked to make 2020 a successful year. However, all eyes are already on 2021 and its milestones: passing the combat system tests for the Riachuelo; carrying out the start-up and tests of the installations for Humaitá, with the goal of floating-out by the end of 2021. And, of course, to continue with the integration of the Tonelero and the Angostura (SBRs 3 and 4).
“In 2021, we will remain mobilised to preserve the PROSUB construction dynamic within a decelerated global context, to help maintain and develop skills and Brazilian submarine culture, and finally, to promote an enriching multicultural environment for all. Unquestionably, none of this would be possible without the commitment of the Brazilian and French teams.“